Feel How Different Life is with the Black Series HQ19

You must have dreamed of vacations where you and your family hike in majestic mountains, fish beside serene lakes or rest peacefully in recliner chairs enjoying cold beers with ice amid birdsong. For such vacations, RVing is surely your best choice as you never have to deprive yourselves of home comforts while outdoors. Despite there being abundant types of camping, RVing provides shelter from the wind and rain at the very least. 


The HQ19 is the latest travel trailer designed for long-distance endurance and all-terrain capability. It runs on both flat roads and complicated terrain, allowing you to reach even more places. Equipped with four different water tanks and power supplies, the trailer avoids the drawbacks of RV campsites and allows trips to last longer. It is a wonderful experience to embark on a journey with a travel trailer and enjoy a comfortable family life while admiring the wonders of nature.


The well-equipped HQ19 trailer has all the necessary modern amenities such as a TV, air conditioner, microwave oven, water heater, refrigerator and gas stove, making outdoor adventures as comfortable as home life. You can take a shower and sleep after many hours of recreation, allowing you to enjoy your leisure time to the utmost. The versatility of the HQ19 enables you to enjoy a beautiful home life in the wilderness while washing, cooking and storing food in the trailer. 


Thanks to its all-terrain capability and long-distance endurance, you can dispense with outdated campsite facilities and go camping in the wilderness, along shores and coasts, in clearings or anywhere that can accommodate a travel trailer. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of cities and public campsites can bring you deep immersion in nature. There is endless fun to be found in close interaction with the natural world, such as tracking birds and other animals, listening to gurgling streams and feeling the breeze rustling through the trees.

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