nft desk: new vision of the market changes the future of NFT

nft desk: new vision of the market changes the future of NFT

NFT is a breakthrough technology that has already changed many areas of our life.

Creating a digital copy and assigning ownership of a digital object to a single user is something that artists, writers, musicians, and other creative individuals have been waiting for for many years.

In fact, there are no limits to the use of NFT technology. It is used to create digital copies of paintings by professional artists and images created by amateurs. As soon as the initial hype went down, new forms of NFT began to appear. Today, NFT is used in the game industry, art design, music industry, and software development.

Exploding Topics estimates that in 2021 more than 11 million sales of NFT artwork were sold. And in 2022, the market for NFT is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion.

The idea itself is a real breakthrough, but it still needs practical implementation and realization in the form of simple and understandable services, so that not only famous and well-off people who create objects of art, but anyone who wishes can benefit from it.

nft desk is a service that solves this problem.

What is nft desk?

NFT desk is a Web 3.0 NFT service, based on the Ethereum platform. With its help, every NFT owner can make changes to the image and description of their tokens.

In this way, each user can generate their own token, but on the existing NFT platform. This is a new and very promising approach. 

In technical terms, nft desk is a virtual grid consisting of 20 thousand cells (lots). Each lot is 1 nft desk. It turns out that each owner of the nft desk has own unique space on the platform. The implementation of the project is simple and clear. The creators refused to use a three-dimensional world and colorful animation. 

Each nft desk can be customized. The holder has the ability not only to change the image, but also the description, which requires only two clicks.

This gives each user a wide range of opportunities for different actions:

  • Placing ads – place ads on your NFTs and get rewarded. No commissions and no limits. You and only you manage your space inside the platform. 
  • The user can own an unlimited number of nft desks. This allows you to increase your space on the platform. This is especially true when selling ads or branding your own logos or other images.
  • Buy additional pieces of land and increase your total advertising space. This is a direct way to create a source of passive income that is under your complete control and not dependent on external circumstances.

Thus, nft desk expands the very concept of NFT, as it allows you to earn not only through buying and selling, as it is done now, but also through customizing, and therefore creating actually new NFT, which has a new value.


nft desk is a revolutionary approach that allows you to get much more out of NFT technology than is currently possible.

The development team follows several principles such as minimalism and practicality. 

Now that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing big corrections, NFT is growing in all directions. Therefore, there is no doubt that NFT will continue to capture the market in the near future. And NFT Desk already has a prominent place in this field.

The project launch is just days away, so it is worth joining to become one of the first users and not only get the maximum benefit but also be directly involved in the implementation of this breakthrough technology that changes the world for the better!



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