Subimods Invests in 2022 Models, Maintains High Standards Despite Post-Pandemic Challenges

This company’s Subaru car enthusiasts put customer concerns first before making a sale, ensuring quality aftermarket care.

Subimods, a Subaru aftermarket company, announces its plans to invest in new vehicle platforms this year while continuing to deliver top-notch services to older generation vehicles. With this plan in place, the company assures clients that they will continue to receive high-level customer service despite post-pandemic challenges. Since many car owners today face economic concerns, the company’s customer-centric approach reinforces its mission to help the Subaru community.

“Money should not dictate the amount or level of customer service you provide. No matter the value, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 50, 100, 5k – it’s all valuable. I think a lot of times with sales, you know, people are too focused on just making the sale. We wanted to create something where someone could come in and say, ‘I want to do X, how do I do it?’ We want to provide a level of service that wasn’t in the industry,” said the company owner.

Founded in 2007, Subimods has become the go-to source for Subaru parts and accessories as well as aftermarket care for many Americans. For 15 years, the company has attained a wealth of knowledge which is one of the reasons it has become one of the most sought-after when it comes to maintaining Subaru cars.

Behind Subimods are car enthusiasts who know the usual problems Subaru car owners often encounter and deal with. From ordering parts online and dealing with distant companies, the company’s team has experienced the challenges they now have come to solve.

“We actually own these vehicles, go out, and install the parts that we’re selling to you, on our cars, and what that means is when we recommend an item for your bill, it’s because we’ve had first-hand experience with it,” explained the owner.

The company works directly with dealers to ensure its clients have a wide range of products for their needs. It also has a website for customers who prefer to browse auto parts first before purchasing them or want to shop online for convenience.

Feedback for Subimods has completely endorsed its approach. Ron B., one of its customers said, “The guys at Subimods are great! I came in to go stage two on my STI, and they walked me through the whole process. The communication through email as I waited for the parts to come in was awesome!”

Subimods also offers Buyer Incentive Programs, like its Rewards System which pays clients for shopping at For more information on the company, visit

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Subimods provides quality aftermarket care for Subaru owners. Composed of real Subaru enthusiasts, the company delivers high-standard and industry-leading customer support to clients. It is located in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and provides worldwide shipping.

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