Sofa Cushion Refills Offers Upholstery Services for Pillows, Sofas, and More

This family-owned and operated company has been providing upholstery services since 1979, creating products that endure beauty and craftsmanship for years.

One of the best new home products and services to hit the market this year is Sofa Cushion Refills (SCR). SCR lets home or business owners replace cushion foams so their furniture is like new again. Now with SCR, it is no longer necessary to throw away one’s furniture just because it’s sagging, too hard, or too soft and looks old or a pet soiled them.

The company was founded by a master upholsterer who has been in the trade for over 40 years in a family-owned business that regularly manufactures custom-made cushions and upholstery, so they truly are experts in their craft.

“Due to COVID-19, we have seen an increase in demand for new cushion refills. We have been refilling cushions in Denver, Colorado for decades so it made sense to create this website to make it easy for everyone to order from home with confidence,” says Rebecca Langston, head of operations at SCR.

The foam selection that the company offers is all upholstery grade, high-density foam, so customers don’t have to worry about getting substandard foam that is no better than what they already have had.

Customers can choose from money-saving standard high-density foam or any deluxe premium-grade foam – soft, medium, or firm. They can even combine their foam with a down feather or poly silk wrap for an amazing look and luxurious feel.

SCR’s pricing is fair for such well-made, high-quality products, which customers notice right away. The foam is heavy and dense and cuts perfectly to a furniture’s measurements.

“When you receive your home-delivered package of new inserts, they are vacuum-packed, which saves on shipping and makes it easy to get them into your cushion covers. It’s so easy to measure, order, and refill,” says Langston.

Sofa Cushion Refills also carry different types of foam in all densities for those who want a different feel to their cushions. It can convert sofas and other upholstered furniture to extra soft or extra firm, depending on one’s preference.

Customers can also add a down and feather envelope or a poly silk envelope for more extravagant yet magnificent-looking cushions.

Feedback for the brand has completely endorsed its quality service and craftsmanship. Kelly Murray, one of its clients said, “I had six cushions re-stuffed by Sofa Cushion Refills. It made such a difference, and it’s like they are brand new. They were able to take care of this rightbefore Thanksgiving despite me bringing them in with such short notice, and it only took five hours or so. Highly recommend!”

For more information about the company, visit “We Fill You Chill!” said the team at SCR.

About Sofa Cushion Refills

Sofa Cushion Refills is a family-owned and operated full-service upholstery company based in Denver, Colorado. It offers custom cushions, sofa cushion refills, patio cushions, fabric, pillows, umbrellas, custom canopies, and more.

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