PODA platform of U.S. GODA CAPITAL will launch its second game product-PODA LL in October

Recently, Sensor Tower, a game industry analysis organization, released “Insight into the Mobile Game Market under the Concept of Metaverse”. The report shows that in the first half of 2022, the revenue of Metaverse applications totaled 650 million USD, of which the revenue of game applications accounted for 94%. It is estimated that by 2027, the game market value will reach $340 billion. People have reason to believe that the game market may subvert the current blockchain industry.

However, with the rapid growth of the industry, the problems in the industry are becoming more and more obvious. At present, blockchain games are faced with problems such as uncertain user assets, diversified demands, opaque data, island effect of game economic system and serious centralization. Therefore, based on the decentralized, open, transparent, unchangeable and traceable characteristics of blockchain, PODA has built a blockchain game ecosystem-PODA game ecosystem platform, which includes digital assets, blockchain games, value chain and encrypted digital currency.

About PODA

PODA Game Eco-platform is the best solution of blockchain+games created by GODA CAPITAL of the United States based on the understanding of the global game market value and the latest technology development of blockchain. PODA is committed to building a global public chain of bottom-level games, with the concept of “co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, consensus, sharing and win-win” to break the existing business structure. Players can share resources in the whole ecological platform with low cost and high efficiency.

How does PODA solve the existing game dilemma?

PODA game ecological platform will represent all the interests of all game developers and all kinds of game players, and gradually solve the disadvantages of existing games.

PODA platform will develop a high-performance, strong-demand bottom-level game public chain, and use blockchain technology to create a game ecology in which gamers, game operators and game developers are encouraged to coexist with each other. It not only has the “transaction attribute” and “unique private property of assets” of blockchain, but also introduces the value token under the current hot token economic system as a consensus carrier. PODA platform highly unifies the interests of game developers, operators and players. Different from the traditional game in which developers control the whole game, the games in PODA Game Eco-platform have higher transparency and game asset autonomy, so it can effectively avoid the adverse effects caused by game operators harming the interests of players and prolong the game life.

PODA records online digital assets through blockchain technology, which makes the game data more transparent and credible, and provides a safe and controllable storage mode for the protection of game property and the exchange of rights. In PODA, the virtual property owned by players can be saved forever and freely exchanged. Once the virtual property of the game completes the on-chaining of the public chain at the bottom of the PODA game ecological platform, all operations are on-chaining, and the inheritance of the game property will be kept and recorded permanently, which will establish a sufficient emotional connection between the player and the digital property, and keep the joy and memories forever.

PODA’s present

PODA’s multi-type gameplay and dynamic reward system attract a large number of players. In order to improve the game friendliness of players, a series of measures introduced by PODA have also consolidated the loyalty of players.

Entering the PODA platform, players will find that there is only one open-blind box game-PODA BB, which was launched in June last year. In order to promote the further development of PODA platform and the ecological construction and improvement, the second product (mine-grabbing game)-PODA LL will be launched in October 2022. Please pay attention to GODA official website.

PODA will continue to pay attention to the development of the entire blockchain industry and game platform applications. It is overlapping infrastructure and third-party services, and maximizing the use of public chain resources. PODA has set up and developed financial analysis teams in many countries, explored blockchain technology and built economic models, and made every effort to promote the combination of blockchain and the application of games in all commercial scenes.

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