Helping people stay fit, Venom Fitness witnesses success in virtual training through the mobile app

Venom Fitness provides people with an opportunity to stay fit, right from their homes. They don’t even need to be in the gym, thanks to the ultimate workout smartphone app developed by Venom Fitness. The app guides users in how to perfect their bodies while staying active and healthy.

Osprey, FL, USA – Venom Fitness is a gym located in Osprey, Florida. The founder of Venom Fitness, Darren “Venom” Goodall, is a person dedicated to the art of body fitness. He launched Venom Fitness as a gym in order to pursue his passion, while guiding and mentoring others on how they can achieve their dream bodies. Venom Fitness recently launched a smartphone app that guides users on various methods of workout practices. The app is an all-in-one package that takes care of the needs of the users. Whatever the goal of the user might be, the app helps them achieve that; be it weight loss, muscle gain, or increasing strength or endurance, Venom Fitness app does that.

The app is an amazing mode to keep up with workouts for people who can’t find time in their hectic schedules to go to the gym. This app has been designed for people who are really committed to achieving their desired goals. The app has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can incorporate into their workout plans. The app also provides custom workout plans and tailored meal guides for individuals according to their goals, weight, height, gender, and more. Darren decided to make this app highly customizable, providing tailored solutions to everyone, and catering to the needs of all.

Talking about the app, Darren said: “The app that we have created at Venom Fitness will provide tailored solutions for each individual. This app is an innovative idea to provide people with virtual training and help them lose weight, gain muscles, increase strength, or meet any other they may have.”

Before laying the foundation of Venom Fitness, Darren Goodall was an undefeated professional boxer. His victory has been renowned all over the world. He left the ring when he created Venom Fitness and saw it as the potential to be a huge success, which today it is. Alongside running the gym, Venom Fitness, Darren also trains a wide number of clients all over the world through virtual sessions and his latest smartphone app. Darren has also been featured on Bravo TV to share his success with the public.

About Venom Fitness:

Venom Fitness is a gym and an online business run by Darren “Venom” Goodall, an ex-pro boxer. With years of experience and expertise, Darren helps people stay active and fit through Venom Fitness. The main aim of Venom Fitness is to create customized plans for each individual since there is no universal plan that can work for everyone. The satisfied number of clients shows the reputation and success of Venom Fitness.

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