The Most Potential Phenomenal GameFi in the year 2022

Let’s take a look at the phenomenal gamefi that was promoted in New York’s Times Square for 15 days

Create is its own brand new gamefi based on Binance Smart (BSC). Players can build, cast chain heroes, recruit miners, improve combat power, participate in city battles, seize resources, achieve hero names, and let their heroes fly across the continent.

Based on the recent land auctions, card draws and the number of currency holders, Create (Heroland) is still relatively healthy overall. It can be seen from the major communities in Heroland that players are still very accepting of the progress of the project and the currently open functions. If the project’s plan in September can be fully realized, it may usher in a big explosion. After all, the current popularity only depends on the spread of major communities, which has attracted many players to participate. This is a good start for the official official marketing of the project.

From the encyclopedia introduction of Create (Heroland), this is a model between land and miners (landlords provide miners with increased productivity and combat power protection, miners pay taxes to landowners, etc.), and it is also a blockchain oil refining model. A novel economic model, the combination of land + miners + heroes… city defense + heroic expedition + union alliance + gold mining is the puzzle piece of the huge metaverse world.

Taking advantage of the current stage of chain game recovery, developing together with the chain game industry, and gradually implementing each node of the planned roadmap, the Create community will gradually grow, forming a virtuous circle, and the community will promote the development of the project.

CT contract address: 0xa85c461c66038ffc8433e2a961339b7f36656e16

CTX contract address: 0x660ad5c8b5c5a58fb70dbd80e1052a295d56718a

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