Australian listed company EZZ’s marching towards the stem cell research

EZZ Life Science Holdings Ltd, a listed company in Australia, where stem cell research is world-leading, has announced its entry into the field. According to informed sources, EZZ has officially entered the field of stem cell research and industrialization a few days ago. It is reported that EZZ will continue to invest R & D costs and well respected industry talents in stem cell research and application, as well as collaborating with world-famous institutions such as the New Zealand Gene Research Center and the Gene Research Center of Auckland University of Technology.

Put simply, stem cells are a type of cells with unlimited self-renewal capacity, and are the “most primitive cells” at the top of the origin of cell lines. Since the living body achieves cell renewal and ensures continuous growth through the division of stem cells, there is a consensus in the scientific community that the research and application of stem cells will make it possible for humans to realise the dream of repairing damaged tissues and organs. Since the end of the 20th century, the American journal Science has ranked stem cell biology and stem cell bioengineering as the top ten scientific achievements in the world for two consecutive years.

The listed company EZZ is a life sciences company centered on DNA gene research. Backed by the New Zealand Gene Research Center, the Gene Research Center of Auckland University of Technology and many other world-class genetic research institutions, it has a pivotal influence in the field of commercialisation of cutting-edge genetic achievements.

“I know of Australian experts in stem cell research who have joined EZZ, because it is indeed a scientific research company with strong commercial transformation capabilities. In the future, the research direction of this research group will likely focus on stem cell application for the purposes of anti-aging, bone and joint regeneration and repair, hair growth, reproduction and cosmetics, and help consumers around the world solve health concerns”, an Australian industry source said in an interview with the media.

It is also learned that Australia is a strategic highland in global stem cell research. As early as 2011, Australia proposed the “Special Research Initiative in Stem Cell Science”. Combined with the supervision of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which has the reputation of being one of the world’s strictest therapeutic goods regulatory bodies, it has provided the strongest insurance for the safety and effectiveness for the use of stem cell related products. In this sense, EZZ, a listed company entered the field of stem cell research at the right time and right place.

Analysts said that stem cell research is a promising new field of life sciences. As a company that has been active in Australia and New Zealand in recent years, EZZ will help to perfect the integration and rapid industrialisation of cutting-edge gene technology and stem cell technology. With the help of EZZ’s global marketing network, it will allow global consumers to enjoy these cutting-edge scientific research results, which is of great significance to the sustainable and healthy development of the entire stem cell research field.

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