Launch of ‘Agendabook’, a real-time mobile research & marketing platform service

• New web3.0-based innovation platform for online and mobile research marketing

• Unlimited expansion as a marketing promotion platform

• Provides real-time statistics and cross-analysis data targeting

Society is becoming more diverse and users’ dependence on mobile is increasing. In particular, the online research and marketing market is rapidly expanding, centering on mobile.

Against this background, ‘Agendabook’ (, a service that shows statistical data in real time through voting on people’s various preferences, preferences, and opinions, was opened.

The Agenda Book provides various statistical data services by cross-analyzing people’s preferences, preferences, and non-financial My Data on an anonymous basis, and cross-analyzing them with the agenda (voting results) created by users. In particular, ‘Agendabook’ is a direct platform that directly connects voting participants and research writers (agenda). In addition to basic research such as corporate market research and preference research, ‘Agendabook’ is an algorithm called target setting for small and medium-sized businesses that are burdened with big data operation. Targeting can be set more easily and conveniently.

The Agenda Book Service, operated in a combination of UCC (User Create Content) and SNS, is a community service that allows anyone to write a variety of agendas and obtain statistical data in real time through discussion and voting. All voting data generated by Agendabook is securely stored in blockchain and decentralized storage, making it difficult to tamper. This ensures transparent voting results. And by linking MetaMask wallet, it is possible to withdraw the rewards received from Agendabook’s activities in cryptocurrency. Through this, we implemented a complete voting system and research system based on anonymity without storing sensitive personal information based on Web 3.0.

Currently, cryptocurrency that can be withdrawn with rewards obtained through activities is possible with BaaSid (BAAS) token, and plan to gradually increase the types of cryptocurrency.

BaaSid ( said, “Agendabook is a social consensus service that helps people think through the collective intelligence of various political, economic, social, cultural, product issues and topics as logical results of voting and real-time statistics.

“In addition,” BaaSid said, “Social consensus will help to compare my thoughts with those of groups in living in a more complex and pluralistic society, and to have an objective view with statistical results. We can grow based on intelligence, social consensus, and statistical logic,” he said of his vision for the service.

BaaSid ( is a block chain specialized company established in 2018, and it is a company that develops block chain technology and conducts block chain interworking services in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Agendabook can be downloaded from Google Play ( and iOS App Store (

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