Dr Bhawna Gautam’s life transforming guide, the book of inspiration “50 Best Quotes from the Power of Thoughts and Imaginations Vol 2” soon to be released worldwide

Dr Bhawna Gautam’s life transforming guide, the book of inspiration "50 Best Quotes from the Power of Thoughts and Imaginations Vol 2" soon to be released worldwide
You won’t only read the words in this book; you will feel the words.

This book is a unique compilation of Dr Bhawna Gautam’s inspirational thoughts and wisdom. Dr Bhawna Gautam daily writes and shares her wisdom on her social media platform, where she has helped millions of people across the globe to find their potential, deal with daily life situations and find their purpose of existence. If applied, these practical thoughts can help anyone grow, succeed and evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each inspirational quote is followed by an elaborate article, practical tips and some questions to make the reader think, analyse and apply the wisdom in their own life.

Dr Bhawna Gautam is an Indian-born Australian author, thinker, inspirer and spiritual visionary with a medical background. 

After the spiritual awakening, she felt that the spiritual path was the true path of life; she wanted to share her light with others, so she turned to her unique gift of writing to fulfil her purpose in life. With her writings, she has touched and healed millions across the globe. Her messages are very practical and, if applied, can not only give one a new way of thinking but also transform life. Many of her followers refer to her as a university of life, an institute in itself.  

She herself is an example of persistence, perseverance and patience with writing and sharing her thoughts on social media every day for the last four years. She has been admired and loved by many, with over 3 million people supporting her on social media. 

This book is a life guide that one can refer to anytime to find direction in their life. From relationship to self-connection, heartbreak to healing, achieving goals to finding contentment, and expressing and empowering yourself, you can hold this book like a companion. It consists of a compilation of some of the best quotes and thoughts she posts on social media, which have been further elaborated and include practical tips for each life situation discussed. You will learn how to deal with different life situations, heal yourself and evolve as a human.

From this truly inspiring and empowering book, you will learn how to –

– stay hopeful in life

– restart without doubt

– improve your relationship

– succeed even with failures

– keep your mind positive

– create self-connection

– Self motivate yourself

– maintain a balanced mind

– feel content

– avoid competing and comparison

– contribute to bringing a positive change

– understanding success

– accept change in life

– self-appreciation

– accept rejection gracefully

Published by White Falcon Publishing, this book is soon to be released worldwide. So grab a copy, read with a positive mind and be ready to transform and evolve.

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