MICRON provides high tech products in this touchscreen era

Touchscreens are everywhere. Simple, learn-free operation is essential. A child or an elderly man can use it appropriately. None exists. Future operations may be easier. This golden age is touch control. This isn’t fixed.

Classic Optical Bonding Technology

Bonding several optical components together into a single optical system without the need for additional fixturing is crucial for current systems and devices that require excellent performance and a sleek form factor. Since their introduction in the 19th century, bonded parts have enabled the creation of several innovative lens designs, including aplanatic, achromatic, and apochromatic lenses. They allow advances in telephony, cinematography, and wellness.

Classic Optical Bonding Technology, combining optical components into complicated architectures improves optical performance without affecting the application form factor. Bonding doesn’t add dimension or weight to the system, unlike standard mechanical installation.

  • Display glass or touch screens, as well as TFT liquid crystal (TFT) panels coated with a layer of resin (OCR) or film (OCA), may be optically bonded using this method to form a seamless, bubble-free laminate. 

  • When choosing screens for a project, consider environmental and operating circumstances. Industrial-grade screen and panel PCs are durable and can handle any application. Optical bonding is a property.

EMI electromagnetic shielding film

Under high temperatures and pressure, the EMI electromagnetic shielding filmsheet is laminated. A conductive glue is poured into the overlay’s hole, where it bonds and creates a ground connection. In certain FPC uses, the designer includes EMI shielding materials.

  • Electromagnetic wave shield film is sometimes termed EMI protection film or absorbing substance.

  • Our EMI shielding film is pressed onto engraved and polished metal to reduce or eliminate intermodulation distortion in a product’s internal circuit.

  • A flexible, inexpensive, magnetic wave-shielding film with exceptional qualities. It prevents medical gadgets, ships, planes, and other precise equipment from malfunctioning.

Transparent Flexible Antenna

These films can transport both electricity and light, making them useful in a variety of applications. Indium tin oxide (ITO) has found widespread usage as a transparent conducting in devices like touch screens and solar battery cells.

Transparent Flexible Antennaallows antenna functionality to be integrated into see-through surfaces like car windows and windshields. Our patented substance, a high transparency metal mesh, is used in their development and production; it is an enhanced replacement for Indium tin oxide (ITO). The fundamental advantage of transparent antennas is that they may keep their high conductivity without compromising their electromagnetic behavior.

MiniLED Backlight Technology

MiniLED Backlight Technologyalso called sub-millimeter light-emitting diodes, is an LED with a particle size within 50-200 m and MicroLED.

  • MiniLED is a hybrid design consisting of integrated metal mesh touch components such as the MiniLED bendable Technology  layer, MiniLED electrodes layer, and chips layer, all of which are put on a heat based on nanofilm substrates.

  • Metal mesh, micro, etc., are conducive. Once heated, the shrinkage film could be wrapped around the sphere’s support, and when combined with a flexible PCB, we have the multi-touch spherical display functionality we need. 

  • Our components are utilized for yellow-light-etched MiniLED driving circuits.


Micron/Cinotop distributes its products with adaptability, detection limit, precise writing, waterproofing and explosion-proof, ultra-thinborder, ideal for elevated display, high dependability, and other benefits. 

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