Paper Bags, Plastic Bags or Reusable Bags, Which Are More Eco-Friendly? It’s Not What One Thinks

Paper Bags


Paper bags are made out of renewable resources and are environmentally friendly. The advancements of technology helped pave the way for the improvement of paper bags, manufacturers who offer brown paper bags wholesale are now utilizing other organic materials in order to make it. When exposed to microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeast, the paper dissolves into natural settings quickly and the greatest flex for is no animals were harmed in the process.

A very eco-friendly alternative indeed, that is one of the many reasons why most people start to patronize the use of paper bags. It is very average to witness people carrying rope handle paper bags or grocery bags with handles these days. Paper bags preserve the flavor of the bread while also keeping it warm.

When it comes to design and good public perception, paper bags tend to be used in boutique, accessories, and garment shops. The products become more expensive and beautiful. Paper bags can also be customized depending on the customer’s preferences. In need of high quality paper bags?  Bagitan packaging offers Kraft paper bags wholesale, it is made of high grade materials with advanced equipment to provide an excellent product for everyone.


Biodegradable materials are used in order to make paper bags. Because of this, paper bags become easily damaged when exposed to moisture or water. Even though they are recyclable, paper bags could be worn out after being used repeatedly.

Plastic Bags


Even though they are thin, plastic bags are sturdy. Most people use plastic bags on a daily basis. It is always readily available for use. Production of paper bags would take less time than any other grocery bags. Plastic bags are also tear resistant, easy to carry and way better than paper bags during bad weather conditions. Plastic bags are a great option for storing food because they are lightweight and durable. They can be reused multiple times, which makes them a cost effective way to store food. Additionally, they are easy to clean and provide a healthy environment for the food.


The plastic bags are made out of non-biodegradable materials. It takes many years for them to decompose. The chemicals that are released during this process are toxic to the environment. These toxins are harmful for marine life. The plastic bags are cheap and convenient. However, they are bad for the environment. The environment must be protected. With that said, Bagitan packaging created a paper product called air sickness bag or puke bags to keep the environment great and help enclose the foul odor  on a single receptacle.

Reusable Bags


This type of bag is called “Reusable Bags” for a reason. It is because they are made to be reused. When shopping, people carry one of these for their groceries. There are many pros to reusable bags. One of the biggest benefits is that it helps reduce the amount of waste that is produced each time something is bought or used. Another benefit is that reusable bags help to protect the environment. Not only do they take up less space when not in use, but they also produce less waste as they are leftovers from the previous sale. Especially when they plan to resupply a great amount of necessities. Reusable bags are reasonably durable and sturdy so It is really perfect for shopping. Using it helps reduce plastic pollution and would definitely help save a lot of money.


Reusable grocery bags might not be sanitized properly after use. Hence, the bag might stockpile dangerous bacteria and viruses which would put the user’s life at risk. Furthermore, Reusable bags are somewhat pricey so if not properly used, the user might end up buying multiple bags which would definitely cost more. It also takes a lot of space and there would be time that it is harder to clean giving the user additional hassle.


Which is really better, Paper or plastic? The answer is “Neither”. We are all blinded from the idea that paper bags are the most eco-friendly way for shopping but it is actually not. It has its negative impact on the environment as well like how plastic bags clog the canals and harm animals. Plastic bags produce pollution because they are overused, which will not turn into a great problem if it is used efficiently or moderately. On the other hand, if not utilized well, reusable bags might also create enough pollution. It is obvious that every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, consumers should be responsible enough for every use of these types of products to avoid major problems. A paper bag manufacturer named Bagitan packaging produces high quality and customized paper bags and paper packaging that is great for use. After all, the best reusable grocery should be used by a responsible user. It doesn’t really matter what grocery bag to use, every person has their own preferences of product that gives them more convenience. This article is dedicated to aid in deciding what grocery bag to use. Feel free and decide.

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