Atleta ORG: the agency that empowers Latino athletes, led by Gerard Humphrey

For many years, Latino representation in the world of sports has taken on a very notable relevance, due to the magnificent work that the representatives and different agencies do so that each athlete becomes the protagonist of their sports career.

This is exactly what Gerard Humphrey does, the Argentine resident in the USA who, through his agency Atleta ORG, has been in charge of empowering many Latinos and, in turn, projecting them significantly in the world of sports.

Atleta ORG is not only an agency that represents athletes at an international level, but also helps them to project their careers in other frontiers and make their trajectory in each sporting discipline an example for those young people who want to venture into sport and turn it into their source of work and livelihood.

We spoke with its founder Gerard Humphrey about the vision he has with Atleta ORG in the United States and this is what he told us:

“I have always thought that sport should go beyond just representing a country in some sporting discipline. I feel that every athlete has a career to show and be proud of. A medal, some certificate or recognition does not compare to what each athlete can influence each child and young person who wants to become a great athlete. That is precisely what we do and we want to continue doing at Atleta ORG, making each athlete an example for all children to follow.”

Gerard Humphrey is a talent agent in New York with more than 10 years of experience managing talent in the entertainment field. He has managed to work with great celebrities of showbiz and sports.

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