WattGrower Offering LED Grow Light Solutions Ideal for Indoor Planting

WattGrower offers a range of LED grow light solutions backed by the latest technology and are competitively priced.

WattGrower, a PacLights brand for horticulture, provides professional and commercial cannabis cultivators with horticulture cannabis LED grow light solutions. Founded in 2011, PacLights is widely recognized for its growing infrastructure of LED light manufacturing facilities. Also, the brand is renowned for its engineering capabilities that ensure incredible product designs and quality. The range of commercial and industrial LED lighting products rolled out by PacLights has long been trusted by many fortune 500 companies in major US cities and also by the US military for their unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Talking about WattGrower in an interview, the spokesperson commented, “We at WattGrower specialize in efficiency and spectrum to make every watt count. To ensure that growers have the right LED lighting fixture for their particular plant growing environment and also the right spectrum to achieve the targeted crop quality and yield, we apply the latest research in photobiology and evidence-based design. With the use of our LED grow lights for plants, growers can make their plants grow to their optimum size and keep them healthy. For, we have made our lights to be as close to the natural lighting as possible.”

WattGrower grow lights are developed to deliver everything cultivators need to thrive well into the future. With their use, cultivators get to save on operating costs, increase crop yield and improve the quality of their crops. They also get to achieve savings in energy, water, and HVAC systems and grow smarter year-round. All this is simply because the innovative lighting solutions from this brand require less power if compared to traditional lighting systems. So they not only help one save on utility bills but also contribute to the environment, as they are better for the planet.

The spokesperson added, “We have grow lights suitable for small-scale precision growing and also for mid/large-scale commercial growing. The former one is the MODULUX series, which is designed to provide precise control over light spectrum levels and intensity for proximity and professional indoor cultivation. Offering scalable flexibility and customization, this series promotes more productive full-cycle cultivation. The latter one is the CR series, which is our commercial line designed especially for the needs of commercial cultivation. It is a cost-effective grow light solution that helps optimize return on investment at each stage of cannabis cultivation.”

WattGrower CR Series LED grow light for plants can illuminate all types of vertical racks and grow tables with uniform light on the plant canopy. The invisible LED driver design of the light fixture gives a clean look by minimizing exposed cords. The CR Series indeed is the best indoor lighting solution for growers looking for an edge in efficiency, quantity, and quality. For more information, one can talk to WattGrower’s knowledgeable and helpful customer service team.

About WattGrower:

WattGrower is a leading horticulture brand popular for making quality and efficient grow lights suitable for indoor cannabis cultivation. To buy plant light, find more about the products, or for any other query, one can get in touch with the WattGrower team.

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