New York Times bestselling author Ralph Pezzullo is redefining the hero’s journey with his new podcast: Heroes Behind Headlines.

At it’s core, Heroes Behind Headlines is an incredible interview series with an array of heroic men and women from around the world. However, it takes the medium to new heights by weaving a compelling narrative throughout each episode in a cinematic style.

“I’ve been telling stories about amazing men and women for over 20 years,” said Pezzullo. “But, when I started discussing Heroes Behind Headlines with my good friends and now partners, I knew we could create something special. Our guests are real-life superheroes. Thus, the goal from Day 1 has been to create a podcast that allows them to deliver the truth about the incredible events they have lived through, in this new and exciting storytelling format.”

The result is a must-listen!

It turns out audiences around the world agree. Within the first few months of its launch, Heroes Behind Headlines has crossed 100,000 downloads and reached Top 10 podcast lists in five different countries. According to podcasting website riverside.fm, the average podcast loses over 30% of its listeners in just the first five minutes of an episode. Heroes Behind Headlines; however, has a stratospheric completion rate of over 95% across all episodes to date.

Heroes Behind Headlines has tackled a number of remarkable stories already. Most people have heard the name Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the violent kingpin of the notorious Sinaloa Drug Cartel, but they don’t know how a legendary FBI Agent went undercover for years to actually make the case for the US to indict him. News outlets covered the war in Kosovo throughout the 1990s but very few have heard the tragic, yet inspiring, saga of a brave young woman who escaped human traffickers, amidst the conflict. Whether it is the nine British SAS soldiers who battled to the death to defeat more than 450 communist rebels during the recently declassified Battle of Mirbat in 1972, or Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL who believed in something bigger than himself and learned, as a sniper, when not to pull the trigger, then went on to become the hugely successful author of The Terminal List. Not every story has a happy ending, but that is all the more reason they need to be heard. These unbelievable true stories may be unique to each guest but they are collective of the human experience.

Heroes Behind Headlines has quickly become one of the most popular documentary podcasts in the United States and around the world. New episodes are released every Monday on all your favorite podcast platforms.

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