The Latest NFT Collection by “Bitcoin Queen” Launched Recently

Golden Mystique NFTs by “Bitcoin Queen” is already minted and available to purchase. Each Golden Mystique NFT will have unique qualities and attributes, as well as varying degrees of rarity. “I absolutely love the fact that art and crypto are now connected through NFTs. My passion is for golden abstract art with color.” She says. Abstract art conveys through lines, shapes, colors, forms, and gestural markings rather than providing a true representation of visual reality. Traditional methods and more experimental concepts are combined by abstract artists to make their works using a variety of approaches.

LaToya Bisch, also known as the Bitcoin Queen is the founder of the Golden Mystique NFTs collection. Her age is 45 years. She was born in St. Louis and now resides in New York. She began her artistic career in 2012 while studying at The Art Institute of St. Louis. She has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2014, which is how she came up with the moniker Bitcoin Queen ®, a trademark that belongs to her. She claims to adore the idea that art and cryptocurrency are now interconnected via NFTs. Her love is for colorful, golden abstract art.

LaToya Bisch loves creating images and listening to music. She says that it’s her comfort zone. Her best NFT collection is the Majestical Unicorn Collection. It has 100 editions. LaToya also hopes to invest in charity activities too. Some of the proceeds of her artwork will be given back to the community to help kids.

There are numerous potential applications for NFTs. They are a perfect means of digitally representing tangible goods like real estate and artwork, for instance. Paintings and other traditional artistic creations are valuable because they are one of a kind. But it is possible to repeatedly duplicate digital files. Artworks can be tokenized using NFTs to produce a single digital certificate of ownership and authenticity that can be purchased and sold. In essence, NFTs are ownership rights for creative works that are protected by Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Queen has combined her talent and passion for abstract arts with NFT to build up a successful platform.  Many people already have become Golden Mystique NFTs holders and they say that it is really worth it.  About half of the collection is still available to buy. If someone has an interest in both NFTs and abstract art this will be a great opportunity for them.

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