UGEE U1200 drawing monitor, the drawing tablet with screen for beginners

UGEE U1200 drawing monitor, the drawing tablet with screen for beginners
Suitable for beginners drawing tablet with screen, can be used as laptop monitor extender

Drawing tablet with screen for beginners

Many artists who switch to digital painting from other fields will not be able to adapt to the hand-eye separation of painting and give up the idea of digital painting after the initial try with the drawing tablet. Therefore, a drawing tablet with screen is a better choice, because having a screen means that there is no need to adapt to the fact that the surface being drawn and the drawing position is located in two different locations.

Many people would be concerned that products with screens are more expensive, but the UGEE U1200 drawing monitor offers a better option for only $200 and you can experience the same feeling as drawing on paper. Draw directly on the screen and see the lines appear under your pencil!

UGEE U1200 is equipped with an 11.9-inch FHD screen with 127% sRGB color gamut, high contrast ratio of 1000:1, 16.72 million color display with 178° viewing angle. And it features a laminated screen with minimal parallax effect, which minimizes parallax effect by eliminating the air gap between the cursor and the tip, minimizing colour loss and improving image clarity. Also, UGEE U1200 is pre-coated with AG protective film, which preserves vibrant colours and reduces glare to better protect your eyes.

The complimentary UGEE PH12 stylus is a battery-free stylus that draws power from the drawing monitor itself with the help of electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology. No batteries make the stylus very lightweight and they last longer because you don’t have to deal with battery degradation. The UGEE PH12 Battery-Free Stylus has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and up to 60 degrees of tilt detection. And with two side shortcuts and an eraser function at the end.

Use the drawing monitor as your laptop monitor extender

In addition to drawing, you can also use the UGEE U1200 drawing monitor as a laptop monitor extender, just enable the computer’s extend mode to turn it into a second screen. In addition to the ability to use this tablet as a laptop monitor extender, this drawing monitor can also be connected to an Android smartphone using a USB-C to USB-C cable to extend the phone’s screen.

If you are interested in the UGEE U1200 drawing monitor, you can purchase it form our official Amazon store:

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