NHU Successfully Attended FIC 2022

From August 16 to 18, FIC 2022 was held in Guangzhou. More than 1,200 food ingredient companies from all over the world attended the fair, and NHU introduced a number of products, including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, β- carotene, and taurine to the audience of the fair. Many people stopped by our booth and talked to us to learn more about our products. 

With the iconic colors of blue and orange of the brand, our booth was designed in an open and minimalist style, in line with the tonality of our corporate culture. The way the booth was laid out exhibited the shape of letter “C”, implying Vitamin C, which is a core product for our human nutrition business. The design gave off the charm of the brand with a great visual impact, drawing the audience to the booth.

NHU’s exhibition space optimally integrated technology and style, creating a 360° immersive experience for the audience. The nice and clear arrangement of the exhibit highlighted the key information, conveying our idea of health and nutrition and our dream of creating better life in an intuitive way.

We brought a rich range of nutritional products to the event, aiming at providing solid solutions in areas of early life nutrition, dietary supplements, food and beverage, personal care, etc., personalizing services for consumers at every stage of life, and assisting the lasting pursuit of a better life. 

After many years of R&D and innovation, NHU applies the process of agglomeration to secure the water-solubility of products in the field of high-quality nutrition, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, taurine, and biotin for the health of early life in human. 

Living a healthy and long life has always been the craving of people. NHU provides vitamins and functional nutrients to meet the needs of consumers of various ages and needs. Our products add all types of nutrition to human body, improve fitness, enhance immunity, and prepare people with better health for a better future. 

As an essential chemical for personal care products, vitamins effectively nurse and improves people’s health from hair to skin. NHU joins hands with many world-leading brands to bring healthier and more beautiful lives to people with the power of vitamins.

Adhering to the idea of “customer-oriented and innovation-driven development”, we continuously diversify our product mix, improve the product quality management system, and help meet the challenges in human health and nutrition. Leveraging our capacity in innovation and strength in technology, we actively explore and expand product application, creating better life for all.

Going forward, NHU will continue to set sight on the development trend of the industry and contribute to the shaping of a better life with technology. Dedicated in R&D and innovation, we will go hand in hand with our customers to bring healthier and better lives for more families.

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