Take into the world of magnetic suction – Andobil launches the world’s first double-sided magnetic phone ring holder compatible with MagSafe

Founded in 2018, Andobil is a technology company integrating R&D, production, sales and service of digital exhibition stands. Countries or regions have sold more than 270 million products and are widely praised by customers.

In the future, Andobil will further enhance its R&D and design capabilities, innovate around digital companions and other products, empower businesses through informatization, dataization, and standardization, discover user needs in a timely manner, link users, businesses, products and scenarios, and make supply-demand matching more efficient, Promote the linking, reconstruction and collaboration of different resources, become a leading brand in the digital product partner industry, and make the “digital world” a reality.


The portable, suitable and exquisite digital stand designed by Andobil has not only been recognized by the public, but also won the German Red Dot Design Award and the if Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar Award in the Product Design Industry”.

Andobil Values

For many years, Andobil has been adhering to the original intention of “Free Your Hands, Enjoy Your Life”, believing that science and life can be better linked, and always adhering to the user-centered attitude to bring high-quality, free and professional digital companions to customers Use the experience, use the fastest logistics channels, and provide the best customer service.

Andobil Newest Products in 2022-Easyfly

It is a pity that the current ring phone holder on the market not only have poor magnetic attraction, easy to loosen, difficult to disassemble, and even damage our beloved mobile phone case when replacing, most importantly, most of these rings are not compatible with all mobile phones. When multitasking, we can’t yet attach our phones to gym equipment, refrigerators, car mounts, and these flaws are intolerable. To this end, Andobil, which is committed to producing high-quality digital products, has successfully developed the world’s first MagSafe-compatible double-sided magnetic phone ring holder—Andobil Easyfly Dual-Sided Mag Phone Grip.

With this MagSafe-compatible double-sided magnetic phone ring holder, you can solve the eternal problems that traditional ring holders bring to you. Andobil’s new invention will take you into the world of magnetic suction, which is believed to be a huge surprise for any mobile phone user. Especially the users of iPhone 12 13 14 love Andobil phone grip even more.


Although the double-sided magnetic attraction is a brand new concept, in short, both the front and the back have magnetic force. For example, Andobil Easyfly Dual-Sided MagSafe Phone Grip can not only hold your phone, but also fix your phone to any magnetic object, be it iron plates, refrigerators, gyms, or even telephone poles! Of course, you can also understand that it can give the mobile phone the ability to magnetically attract.

The world’s first double-sided magnet – Easyfly, can not only hold your phone firmly, but also fix your phone to any magnetic object such as kitchen, bathroom, bedside, and even fitness equipment! Of course, its use cases are far more than these, but in any place we can’t imagine now, and these will be defined by you. Andobil also gives you an exclusive piece of iron, so you can make it attractive wherever you want. Free your hands to the greatest extent and enjoy life to the fullest!

Strong magnet

Lightweight ring holder made of zinc alloy material but with strong magnets: 70N on the front and 18N on the back, giving your phone maximum grip and stand utility, and acts as a strong link between your phone and a magnetic car mount Connector.

Strong support

Strong damping provides Easyfly with super supportive force, and can be placed on a flat surface with 360° rotation and 125° flip to find the most suitable angle, allowing you to provide the best viewing on any surface in an adjustable horizontal or vertical way Video or play games comfortably.

Of course, in terms of convenience, comfort and compatibility, Andobil Easyfly Dual-Sided Mag Phone Grip can meet your needs.

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More options

Andobil’s design director Selin gave Easyfly a simple, atmospheric and fashionable appearance based on the starting point of discovering user demands. By the way, it fits easily into your pocket, and you can also match your phone/case by picking the Easyfly in different colors.

Andobil Easyfly Dual-Sided Mag Phone Grip is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and practical magnetic ring holders on the market, I believe its launch will lead us into a new magnetic world, allowing us to fully enjoy life, let go to love!

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