Melanated Genetics Launches Products Specifically for African-American Skin

This company developed a full range of health aids, vitamins, and healthcare products that support African Americans and people with highly pigmented skin.

Melanated Genetics, a nutrition company, launches today its healthcare products that support people with highly pigmented skin. Its full range of health aids, vitamins, and other healthcare products is made specifically for African Americans, who react differently to vitamins and nutrients compared with Caucasians.

According to Greg Hall, an expert on African-American health, medical attention for African Americans should be different because they differ from Caucasians in diet, environment, culture, stresses, genetic makeup, and more. He also noted that African Americans have higher salt sensitivity rates than Caucasians. This data shows that African Americans have a higher risk for heart-related concerns such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack, among others.

With this in mind, Stephen Fennell, the CEO of Melanated Genetics urges African Americans to manage the risks of contracting different illnesses post-pandemic. Watching out for one’s health with proper diet, exercise, regular consultations with medical experts, and intake of vitamins and health aids are ideal ways that promote better health.

Melanated Genetics understands how important it is to educate one’s self when it comes to health and wellness which is why it encourages fitness enthusiasts to seek out the brands that suit their needs. To browse, shop, and know more information about its products and the company, visit

About Melanated Genetics

Melanated Genetics offers health aids, vitamins, and other healthcare products specially formulated for African Americans. The company believes that African Americans require a different blend of vitamins and minerals to support their unique African DNA.

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