Burrn App Lets Users Organize Work, Business, and Personal Mobile Phone Contacts

This new app for second phone lines, including WhatsApp, allows users to instantly share their video in less time than it would take to type an email.

For people juggling work and running a start-up business while balancing their personal life, having one phone number may not be enough. One solution that enables them to have more numbers without paying for another plan and a new phone is the Burrn app. Burrn app lets users organize work, business, and personal mobile phone contacts for their networking needs. It is also the answer for people who need a WhatsApp number for their business.

“Burrn adds work phone numbers and extra phone numbers to your phone. No expensive new hardware required, all you need is our mobile app,” said the company’s representative. Built by a passionate team of tech developers, the app is on a mission to help users worldwide to save more time and money using their mobile phones.

The app also allows users to send SMS or text messages as the company recognizes that 98% of messages sent by recipients are read. “Use SMS to better communicate with your clients, customers, and business partners today.” When it comes to video messaging, Burrn lets users share their videos with others.

Burrn also has powerful recording features, allowing users to store recordings of their outbound and inbound calls every time they need a recap from their last conversation. The easy-to-install app is available in over 30 countries and requires no hardware cost.

For multi-hyphenated individuals, Burrn is a reliable app that can be used to organize one’s work, business, and personal mobile phone contacts. With this set-up, users can protect their private numbers that can be reserved only for personal matters.

The app’s features also make it an ideal partner for any professional. Sales executives benefit from saving their contacts and organizing them in different categories like potential leads, hot leads, or recurring customers. Human resource professionals can use Burrn to group different contacts into job applicants, networks, and work groups.

If users need more phone lines, they can simply add some to get more organized. A new number for subscription services can be beneficial for many users. Another reason why a user might need another phone number is when they want to separate emergency contacts. There are a lot of categories to make and Burrn can definitely help individuals get the most out of this new app.

Over 50,000 team members in 10 countries have reaped the benefits of Burrn app worldwide. This trust enabled the brand to push for more upgrades to develop its core technology features. For more information, visit https://burrn.app. Users can download the app straight from its website or via Google Play or the Apple Store. Its website also has a section for the app’s reviews, blog content, and product features.

About Burrn

Burrn is the latest second phone line provider for busy professionals. The app allows users to call, text, and do video messaging with its technology. Trusted by over 50,000 team members in around 10 countries, the company strives to provide only the best phone line services to people worldwide.

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