The best time to buy a new home is in the festive season.

Buying a home has become a priority for gen next. The conditions in the past play an essential role in this new trend. Today people have realized the value of having one’s own home but are confused about the right time to buy a home. Real estate experts, the best time to buy a home is in the festive season. Shravan Gupta says the best deals are on offer to attract new buyers.

The advent of the pandemic has made this into a more lucrative offer. In the long run, it makes sense to consult real estate experts before buying a new home. Most banks offer attractive schemes like a low home loan to attract new buyers in the festive season. This is bound to make real estate profitable again.


Lucrative freebies.

Gone are the days when there was no freebie in real estate. Today it has become a norm to offer freebies for new home buyers. This has drawn gen next to real estate projects by Shravan Gupta. Most builders wait for the festive season to implement new schemes. Some of the common freebies offered by builders are:

– Free parking.

– Extra flooring.

– Gold coins.

These are enticing means to attract first-time buyers.

Good lending options.

Banks have realized the value of festive when it comes to home sales. It has become a common practice for banks to offer home loans at a low rate. Most often this is for a particular period only. Hence, if someone wants to buy a home it makes sense to check out the home loan rates of banks. It is best for the consumer to know and choose the best suitable home loans. This is also beneficial in increasing the housing demand in real estate.

Shravan Gupta feels this is the best time to invest in homes due to cheaper home loans.

Optimum housing options.

Today a buyer is spoilt for choice as there are various options for a house. A new buyer has various options due to availability. This situation has risen due to pre-pandemic unsold houses. A first-time buyer can buy a home from a reputed builder at a cheaper price.

Homes have become more affordable now which has led to an increase in sales. Shravan Gupta feels it is the optimum booster dose for the real estate market.

It seems the trend for home buying is likely to continue till the festive season. The price may rise after this period. Market experts like Shravan Gupta feel that in the long run it will uplift the mood of the sector. The demand for housing is likely to remain high till the end of next year.


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