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Digital advertising has become a trending method by companies to advertise their products, as the internet influences people’s lives more and more globally. The digital marketing industry is fully automated, leading to a large-scale problem known as ad fraud. This means that businesses can be lured into ad fraud traps unknowingly where all the advertising funds invested are washed up, and ads will never reach the desired audience.

Advertising companies and marketing agencies follow ad verification to ensure that their advertising funds are well spent, using ad verification proxies as an anti-fraud approach. To ensure that the advertising funds are well protected, using an ad verification proxy is the best approach. The best ad verification companies also use residential proxies to capture the ad fraudsters to ensure brand safety anonymously.

How Pia S5 Proxies Help Ad Verification Services?

Perfect fit for ad verification for any location 

Monitor ads without being blocked 

Fight ad fraudsters effectively and anonymously

Pia S5 provides 50 million fresh high-quality residential IP proxies for advertising verification practices. Pia proxy network lets you target any of 180+ locations in the world and is completely compatible with any modern software. Create easy-to-manage proxy user profiles for every project to get easy tracking. They help detect fraud, improve ad performance, and anonymously check the ad placement on advertisers’ landing pages. In simple terms, Pia S5 residential proxies are used for reputation management and ad verification. As residential proxies offer IPs that belong to real residential addresses, it’s quite impossible to ban them.

Pia S5 provides unique and independent geolocation IP addresses, supports targeting country, state, city, zip code and ISP. Therefore, detecting the traffic that verifies an ad by ad fraudsters is out of the question.

Pia S5 is the only residential proxy network to offer one-hop connectivity to worldwide ISPs, ensuring a faster proxy speed to meet your ad verification needs.

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