BOOS Labs’ For Grey Hair: unique enzymatic formula to reverse grey hair without hair dyes

Boos Labs is setting the mold for healthy, safe, and more sustainable practices to keep the grey at bay. The unique enzymatic formula restores original hair color in just a few days and is suitable for all hair types.

Everyone has a natural hair color they are born with, resulting from melanin, a pigment that gives color to human hair. In its original form, melanin is without color, but when oxygen finds its way into the melanin molecules, a colorless form is created, which leads to grey hair. As people age and deal with the stress of everyday life, the production of catalase, a special enzyme that removes oxygen from melanin molecules, reduces. The lack of enough catalase leads to the delivery of melanin infused with oxygen to the roots of the hair and therefore turns it grey.

For many years, people have opted for dyes to reverse their grey hair, and while they have done the job, most of these dyes contain harmful chemicals that weaken the hair and do more harm than good in the long run. Over the past couple of years, more remedies have been introduced, including DIY home remedies, professional treatments, and more that promise to get rid of the greys. All the while, BOOS Labs has been working on a hair dye alternative that is safe and effective, and after years of research, For Grey Hair (FGH) was created.

For Grey Hair is the life’s work of renowned biochemist and doctor Oto Sova, M.D, Ph.D. This unique enzymatic formula helps people stop greying roots, regain original hair color naturally, and re-pigment grey hair. With a team of highly professional scientists, Dr. Sova embarked on a journey leading to the creation of BOOS Labs. The research center is proud to let the world in on the secret of FGH and help more people embrace a natural and safe way to keep the grey at bay.

“For Grey Hair restarts the pigmentation process in grey hair. It is non-toxic and a healthier alternative without aluminum, lead, and other toxic substances. FGH is an assurance of reliable effect and safety.”

FGH uses active substances like G-Reductase and silver acetate, which, combined with deoxidized water, strongly fight against greying hair. The unique formula of FGH removes all the oxygen from melanin molecules, allowing it to deliver the original hair color. To further protect the hair, FGH also includes Glycerin to strengthen hair against daily adverse environmental conditions like wind, sun, and air pollution. FGH is created for all hair types, lengths, and colors, making it the perfect hair dye alternative to reverse grey hair. FGH can be used by both men and women and is great for beards.

For maximum efficiency, FGH should only be used in places with grey hair. Only use two drops of FGH on a small area and wait to wash the hair after application. It is essential that FGH is used on natural hair without dyes that have any copper derivatives. 

Even as perceptions around grey hair begin to change and more people embrace their beautiful grey hair, many people are still not ready to allow silver strands in their hair which is why BOOS Labs provides the perfect option. Check out For Grey Hair, a product that has ended many people’s grey hair struggles by naturally and gradually reversing their grey hair into their natural hair color.

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