Introducing Nue Moon’s Luxurious, Collagen-Restoring, Full-Spectrum Hydration Sleep Mask

From life’s stressors, climate conditions, and lack of self-care; skin reflects everything. It’s easy to leave wrinkles to set; fine lines to deepen– but why when the solution is this simple?

Studies mock it up to a lack of transparency on ingredients and time. Women do their research before using new products, but some brands don’t make it easy. 47% of female skincare users desire more clarity on the true benefits of such ingredients.

Nue Moon’s Collagen Sleep Mask offers an all-in-one, comprehensive solution to minimize wrinkles and spring up skin elasticity. Overnight, the mask combats fine lines by packing a serious hydration refresher, leaving skin looking fresh and light the following morning.

A Nue Moon Collagen Sleep Mask is enriched with high-quality, top-shelf ingredients– tried and tested on all skin types. No harsh chemicals. No random components. No hidden additions.

“As a retired beauty therapist I’m always looking for new products that actually work. I have used Nue Moon for several weeks now and my skin has never been better. Pores are tighter skin is firmer. I highly recommend this product”Valerie from Liverpool

Rise and Shine

No more dreaming of hydrated, youthful-looking skin! Apply the mask before bed and wake up glowing.

All of the ingredients are expert-vetted. With regular use, skin will appear firmer and smoother over time. The unique formula contains an exclusive blend of ingredients that work together to deliver maximum results.

Matrixyl 3000+Complex
A synthetic peptide aiding in collagen production and anti-aging effects. Responsible for quenching thirsty skin and minimizing lines and wrinkles.

Known to be as effective as Botox–this synthetic anti-wrinkle agent inhibits the release of neurotransmitters, which reduces muscle contractions and the visibility of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid
Skin’s secret weapon for a juicy hydration boost.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein
Amino acid-packed formula for tighter skin elasticity and to combat sagging.

Euglena Gracilis Extract
A natural, refreshing, and revitalizing ingredient to rejuvenate tired skin. Dense with nutrients and vitamins, it’s soul food for the skin.

Polypeptide Mix
An extra amino acid, scientifically proven to transform collagen production and counteract skin stressors.

All of these agents work together cohesively to deliver the best of the best for skin luminosity and pinnacle self care. Nue Moon’s Collagen Sleep Mask refreshes, rehydrates, and revitalizes fatigued skin with an overnight glow.

Skin that bounces back is only a sweet dream away.

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