Giving made easy with Crypto-Charities

Giving made easy with Crypto-Charities
Plug in this simple app and watch the money flow to your favorite charitable cause

CONCORD, N.H. – The power of distributed computing has been harnessed to look for intelligent life on other planets and to map the human genome. Now a New Hampshire-based company, ProtoSynergy LLC, is putting mass computing power to work on behalf of charitable organizations.

Londonderry, N.H., native Russ Willey, the founder and CEO of, was inspired by scientists who deployed thousands of computers to solve complex calculations, with the voluntary participation of many computer owners.

By accepting a certain screen saver, app or download, these owners allow a third party to harness unused computing power on their device. When the device is turned on, the calculations are running in the background in a way that does not slow down or otherwise affect the computer’s functioning for the user.

Crypto-Charities is based on a simple premise: If distributed computing can help map the human genome, it is also well-suited to the complex calculations and computing power needed to “mine” crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, essentially creating value for charities out of thin air, pennies at a time.

“We are actually the only company doing this,” says Willey, who has an application pending with the U.S. Patent Office. “There are many places you can go, and they will enable a widget on a website where people can go to donate digital currency to a charity. We are unique in that we are enabling individuals, organizations, and nonprofits to download our app, enter a code and passively raise funds for these charities.”

Individual donors can sign up to have the proceeds of their “mining” go to one or more charities of their choice. Charities can also sign-up and urge their supporters to begin mining on their behalf.

Willey understands that some people may be reluctant to install a cryptocurrency mining application on their computer, even if the money is going to a good cause. The software is recognized by Microsoft, according to Willey, and will clear Windows Defender as well as McAfee antivirus programs. All antivirus can be configured with a few simple steps to allow the app to run. The company is working with other antivirus companies like Norton and Eset to gain public trust.

“That’s going to be the biggest challenge,” he says. “We know not everyone is going to do this or trust it right away. We are going to target early adopters, people in tech fields, who know crypto mining is a safe activity.” After little more than a month in operation, the platform has raised $122 for Ukraine relief; $35 for the Lancer Athletic Alumni Association of Londonderry, N.H.; $13 for the Romanian League in Defense of Animals USA; $69 to Twitch Streamer Stark4Machines, and $34 for Hope Worldwide (HWW) Africa Region.

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