Three Small Business Scaling Strategies from Distinctive Coaching’s Jason Rosado

These proven small business growth strategies reduce work hours, stress and overwhelm for business owners, while creating productive, positive and profitable employees

As the business world continues to redefine itself through the other side of the pandemic, many small business owners realize now more than ever that they want better strategies to grow their teams and businesses, and enjoy down time with loved ones.

“One thing that was reinforced during the pandemic is that nothing is as important as spending our time how we want while pursing our passions,” said Jason Rosado, business coach and owner of Chicago-based Distinctive Coaching for Business Success,

“The most successful small business owners,” said Rosado, “have learned three crucial scaling strategies to see their service businesses grow in this environment. The funny thing is, they’re easier to do than most owners realize, and when they do, it makes their businesses stronger and their lives more fulfilling.”

Rosado recommends business owners focus their work time on the business areas in which they truly excel and enjoy the most, and reassign tasks that take too much time or simply don’t make them happy.

“Business owners often feel – especially if they started their business from the ground-up – that to be leaders, they need to do most of the things they’ve always done,” Rosado said. “But they need to surround themselves with the right staff and delegate many of those tasks. It will free up their time, and they’ll be developing a team eager to learn and grow with the company.”

Developing strong employees who are great at what they do and dedicated to growth is a big key to successfully scaling quickly.

When Nick Arestopoulos began to focus on more meaningful activities and less on mundane tasks at the acupuncture, health and wellness practice he co-owns in Oak Park, Illinois, he provided better client services, doubled his patient load and tripled his revenue in three months while working with Rosado, as he discussed on

“I certainly enjoy running my business more. Things have become much clearer in terms of how our business and our days are managed,” Arestopoulos said.

The third strategy, according to Rosado, is for owners to more often be inspirational leaders, sharing the cultures and missions of their businesses that excite their employees.

Rosado works with service-based business owners through a customized 16-week coaching program. He helps them reassess and reshape their staff responsibilities, build teams that stay with them and flourish with the businesses, and solve owner productivity obstacles such as stress and overwhelm.

“There are service business owners across the country who are re-thinking how they spend their days and how they assess priorities and tasks to make the best use of their time and energy,” Rosado said. “Take an attorney, a real estate developer and a chiropractor, for example; they don’t do the same things as each other, but they do face the same daily organizational challenges as owners. When they overcome those challenges, their businesses grow and their lives outside of work become more rewarding.”

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