CareHive – Where Human-Centered Care Meets Data-Enabled Technology

CareHive - Where Human-Centered Care Meets Data-Enabled Technology
CareHive continues to work to provide 24/7 support to health care providers, health plans, and employers, utilizing a proven technology-enabled solution that reduces frustrations and improves results.

Austin, TX – CareHive continues to build on its goal of providing health care providers, employers, and health plans with better human-centered care services. The company is using data to help improve and enable clinical navigation, enabling more people to get the care they need that is available to them. To achieve this, the company offers telehealth services and connected care solutions that support organizations from triage through resolutions.

Many factors have led to the company’s success in delivering data-enabled tech to an organization. The company is a hybrid that combines digital health and empathetic patient care using data-enabled technology. This helps organizations be better armed with data as well as proven protocol and outcome models. As a result of that insight and guidance, the organization is better able to achieve its goals of risk stratification evidence across its populations of patients.  

Through this process, organizations gain more information to create a better outcome. This includes adding patient treatment and history. This allows CareHive to deliver and guide appropriate healthcare utilization. This may include better decisions regarding provider type, location, modality, and much more.

“Communication is one of the biggest factors in the success of patients. Having all of the small amounts of data available today, from what type of care the patient already received to the risk assessment of one procedure over another in treatment, means the difference in favorable or unfavorable outcomes. With CareHive, there is far more access to valuable data and insights to support the unique needs of each patient, bringing together lots of small, seemingly insignificant data points to create a strong resolution for the individual’s needs,” says Dr. Ronald Dixon, CEO.

CareHive is a human-centered platform that successfully integrates technology-enabled care into organizations. This guides the appropriate healthcare utilization for patients. It also helps to propel data-driven healthcare, navigation, and follow-up through resolution.

CareHive 360, the company’s signature platform, is diverse and robust to provide a wide range of resources to support clients. For health care providers, it helps provide insight and direction for the right care path for patients. For health plans, CareHive 360 provides a type of digital front door to aid in after-hours support and navigation, especially in relation to primary care referral support. In addition, it also provides support to companies and employers, facilitating a more convenient and better quality of care for employees.

With more data and better insights, organizations can use CareHive 360 to achieve more of their goals in a better, more efficient manner. This often leads to ensuring patients get the level of care they need but also works to minimize costs that are simply not necessary.

CareHive facilitates solutions, such as providing intelligent triage support. That can include urgent, post-acute care, as well as chronic care solutions. It aids in the assessment and selection of treatment. More so, the company’s navigation and guidance components help to coordinate testing, lab work, necessary procedures, prescriptions, and more through in-network referrals and follow-up care. A proven strategy and tool used in numerous organizations today, it provides superior results and ease of function that is helping organizations improve outcomes.

About CareHive

CareHive provides technology, products, and services that aim to improve the quality of care provided to patients. At the same time, its products and solutions reduce the cost of care to partners.

For those looking for advanced digital health technology, data-driven clinical navigation, and telemedicine services should reach out to CareHive today. Contact the company at 844-951-CARE or connect with them online at their website

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