WireUP Holdings Announces Key Promotion of the Company’s CSO to COO

WireUP Holdings Announces Key Promotion of the Company's CSO to COO
WireUP Holdings is a company based in Savannah, Georgia that currently works with innovative FinTech brands and home improvement service brands.

Sep 12th, 2022 – WireUP Holdings, a private equity-backed people-centric holding company, is announcing the promotion of the company’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), Lauren Fuqua, to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Fuqua has nearly five years of experience working as the Director of Operations for companies in Georgia, with an extensive list of skills that qualify her for the position of COO. Her skills include project management, managerial finance, risk management, and strategic planning. Fuqua’s educational background includes an Executive MBA from Emory University, Goizueta School of Business, and a B.A. in English from Georgia State University. Her extensive experience and qualifications for this position will lead her to thrive as the company’s COO as she works hard to continue the successes of WireUP Holdings. With this promotion, Fuqua will shift her focus from company security to overall daily business operations, acting as the second-in-command to the CEO while collaborating with the management team.

“Lauren is an immensely talented, brilliant, and caring tribe member. After our first meeting, I knew she had the mindset, mental strength, and grit that it takes to be at the operational helm of WireUP Holdings,” stated Tiffanie O’Neill, President and CEO of WireUP Holdings. “We are excited to bring her on board as the company’s COO, and our management team is confident that she will help WireUP continue our path of innovation and financial success. Since she has been with the company, she has displayed exceptional communication skills and is extremely organized when it comes to time-management and business operations. She is a curious and strategic thinker with a proven track record of leading cross-company teams, which will make her an excellent addition to the WireUP tribe.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of the WireUP tribe. I have found a community of people who move with kindness, intention, and purpose. We are innovators and disruptors working toward a collective goal that is sure to bring great impact to the world. Rising tides lift all ships, as they say, and I can’t wait to contribute to this amazing group,” stated Lauren Fuqua, the new Chief Operating Officer of WireUP Holdings. “I feel confident that with my ability to maintain a global mindset along with my creative problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial mindset, I will be able to excel in my role as the company’s Chief Operational Officer.”

WireUP Holdings is a company based in Savannah, Georgia that currently works with innovative FinTech brands and home improvement service brands. The PE-backed company’s goal is to open up new worlds of innovation within highly fragmented market sectors. WireUP Holdings works hard to solidify both individual and group legacies connecting the perfect balance of brilliant people, innovative technologies, and consumer-driven solutions as they reach their market consolidation targets. With Lauren Fuqua as the COO, WireUP Holdings will be able to continue to grow and develop innovative concepts.

To learn more about WireUP Holdings, go to www.wireupholdings.com.

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