Substrata is the Ultimate Deal Making Tool

Three factors greatly benefit small businesses and large enterprises: a solid client base, efficient sales tools, and the right strategies to drive sales. While having a network of customers seems sufficient, sales tools and strategies are the boosters for growth. Smart planning and effective deal-making are paramount to helping your business succeed. Not only will these enable your business to thrive, but they will also help you outperform other competitors in the industry.

Existing dealmaking tools use straightforward, transcript-dependent conversation intelligence between two parties. In fact, strong communication skills used to be the sole determiner of success in closing deals. But in the digital age, a more nuanced understanding of non-verbal communication could make or break your business. Factors like customer behavior, emotions, dispositions, communication intelligence, and other non-verbal social cues greatly influence a transaction. Industries are now spending billions of dollars on sales tools to close this gap.

SubStrata is the first and only enterprise that develops Social Signal Processing Technology to analyze the dynamics that occur in negotiations, dealmaking, and sales. It’s specifically designed to perform an in-depth analysis of non-verbal social cues often displayed in one’s body language and voice. It covers deep learning, natural language processing, social science, psychology, linguistics, and cognitive science. 

Data-Driven, AI-Powered

SubStrata uses data-driven and AI-powered technology that analyzes textual exchanges and paralanguage data. What’s more, a context engine and an Innovative Textless NLP architecture interpret exo-interaction data and vocalic social signals via audio to uncover nuances, implied language, and sentiments that will help dealmakers gear up for their next step.

The Latest Email Communication Genius

“Q” is SubStrata’s newest product that’s been trained on millions of data points to gather, analyze, and suggest action. This tool reads between the lines, interprets data, and provides actionable insights in no time. From Zoom, GSuite, to Teams, SubStrata helps sales professionals and entrepreneurs close deals efficiently and effectively in multiple communication platforms.

Q uses 4 strategic points that can help dealmakers understand their prospect and increase the chances of closing a deal:

• The Selling Zone – Understanding how a prospect sees you is key to knowing what your next move is. Q analyzes perception in real-time and helps dealmakers push toward “closed-won.”

• Relative Competence – Establishing authority is important in gaining the prospect’s trust, removing their skepticism, and pushing the deal forward. Q analyzes the implicit power dynamics between the two parties and helps the dealmaker adjust at any given time to push the deal forward.

• The Simulator – Simulating a transaction is important, particularly in high-ticket sales. Q allows you to practice until you get it right, avoiding the smallest mistakes that could cost a fortune. What’s more, you can reiterate the simulator until you get it right.

• The Performance Q – Learning from your previous performance is essential to achieve better future results. Q helps you understand your existing communication patterns, and how to adjust them for your next deal.

The latest cutting-edge communication tools are revolutionizing B2B sales. As the existing dealmaking strategies go obsolete, SubStrata’s real-time linguistic and paralinguistic analyses create a massive impact on businesses, propelling their growth and profitability. 

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