The WHIM Syndrome Market Size was estimated at USD 8 million in 2021

The WHIM Syndrome Market Size was estimated at USD 8 million in 2021

It is estimated that WHIM Syndrome Treatment space will experience significant changes during the forecast period of 2022–2032, owing to the launch of novel therapies that are in clinical development for the management of WHIM Syndrome Market”


The WHIM Syndrome Market report provides current treatment practices, emerging drugs, and their market share of the individual therapies, current and forecasted WHIM Syndrome symptoms market size from 2019 to 2032 segmented by seven major markets. The report also covers current WHIM Syndrome symptoms treatment practice/algorithm and unmet medical needs to curate the best opportunities. It assesses the underlying potential of the market.


Key takeaways from WHIM Syndrome Market Report

  • The current understanding of WHIM Syndrome has improved in recent decades, leading to growing awareness, improved management, and better outcomes.
  • As per DelveInsight’s epidemiology model, males and females contributed approximately 30 and 45 WHIM Syndrome cases in 2021 in EU-5.
  • In 2021, the total prevalent cases of WHIM Syndrome were the highest in the US, with around 70 cases, and lowest in Spain with around 10 cases.
  • WHIM Syndrome Market Companies included NIAID, X4 Pharmaceuticals, and several others
  • WHIM Syndrome Market Therapies included Mavorixafor, X4P-001, Plerixafor, G-CSF, and several others


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WHIM Syndrome Overview

WHIM (warts, hypogammaglobulinemia, infections, and myelokathexis) syndrome is an ultra-rare and difficult-to-diagnose primary immunodeficiency disease. In almost all patients of WHIM syndrome, the disease is caused by “gain-of-function” mutations in the single gene that encodes for the CXCR4 receptor.

WHIM syndrome is diagnosed by clinical findings like neutropenia, recurrent infections, warts, lymphopenia, bone marrow biopsy (myelokathexis), and CXCR4 gene mutation. However, in real-time clinical practice, timely and accurate diagnosis of WHIM syndrome is challenging, given the heterogeneity and aspecific nature of the clinical presentation of the disease (warts, hypogammaglobulinemia, and neutropenia).


WHIM Syndrome Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM

  • WHIM Syndrome Prevalent Cases
  • WHIM Syndrome Age-Specific Cases
  • WHIM Syndrome Gender-Specific Cases
  • WHIM Syndrome Diagnosed and Treated Cases


WHIM Syndrome Treatment Market

WHIM syndrome treatment can be mainly categorized into two categories: curative treatment and symptomatic treatment. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allogenic) is the only available curative treatment for WHIM syndrome, whereas the symptomatic treatment involves the exogenous administration of immunoglobulins (IV/subcutaneous), G-CSF, and CXCR4 antagonists. Few major unmet needs in the market include no approved therapies, challenges in current symptomatic treatment options, challenges in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), lack of universal diagnostic criteria, and complicated diagnosis of the condition.


WHIM Syndrome Market Insights

To counter unmet market needs and provide better treatment choices for WHIM Syndrome, several market players are working robustly either on single-agent novel molecules or on combination and dose modification of standard therapies. Several therapies are expected to be launched in the study period, likely to drive market growth during the study period.


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WHIM Syndrome Emerging Therapies

  • Mavorixafor (X4 Pharmaceuticals)
  • Plerixafor (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)


WHIM Syndrome Market Dynamics

The WHIM Syndrome market dynamics are anticipated to change in the coming years owing to the expected launch of emerging therapies such as Mavorixafor, X4P-001, and others.


Scope of the WHIM Syndrome Market Report

  • Coverage- 7MM
  • Study Period- 2019-2032
  • Forecast Period- 11 Years
  • WHIM Syndrome Market Companies included NIAID, X4 Pharmaceuticals, and several others
  • WHIM Syndrome Market Therapies included Mavorixafor, X4P-001, Plerixafor, G-CSF, and several others
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
  • KOL Views
  • Market Access and Reimbursement


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Table of Content

1. Key Insights

2. WHIM Syndrome Report Introduction

3. WHIM Syndrome Market Overview at a Glance

4. Executive Summary of WHIM Syndrome

5. Disease Background and Overview

6. Epidemiology and Patient Population

7. Patient Journey

8. WHIM Syndrome Emerging Therapies

9. Other Promising Assets

10. WHIM Syndrome: Seven Major Market Analysis

11. WHIM Syndrome SWOT Analysis

12. WHIM Syndrome Unmet Needs

13. KOL Views

14. WHIM Syndrome Market Access and Reimbursement

15. Appendix

16. DelveInsight Capabilities

17. Disclaimer

18. About DelveInsight


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