Social Activist Manar Al Shik leverages social media to convey the honorable image of Arab women and enhance her media presence.

Manar Al Shik is an entrepreneur, management consultant, and social activist with a passion for media which helps her convey important messages to her audience and the world.

Manar Al Shik is recognized as a passionate social activist and entrepreneur who highlights the growth of Arab women in general and draws the rising generation to the positive side in all aspects of life. Manar is an optimist who believes in the power of growth, education, empowerment, and good leadership.

Manar Al Shik holds a bachelor’s degree in library and information science and is also a certified management consultant. She has always had a passion for media which she has nurtured as she grows. With support from her mom, Manar began from the ground up, building her media presence and gaining recognition for her social activism. Manar is also an entrepreneur who has presented at some of the most significant events in the UAE and worked with popular brands. 

As her fame has grown, Manar has found new ways to leverage social media platforms to further her cause. She credits her dedication to her mother, who inspired her to pursue her dreams. Being a representative of Arab women, Manar launched a lifestyle brand, Boksha, that caters to the needs of women. Boksha is an exclusive online store for Khaleeji fashion designers. The brand represents Manar’s personal style and ambitions.

Manar has had to work very hard to achieve her dreams because her journey has been full of challenges. Despite the setbacks, she has held on to her passion and overcome struggles to establish herself as a renowned figure in the media space. Her resilience has helped build her voice, and she is now able to pursue her social activism and convey important messages to her audience.

She has shared in interviews that communication and openness are key to growth, which is what she aims to bring to her followers in the UAE and Arab countries. Her creative media material cuts across media platforms and addresses issues that serve humanity. Through her platform, Manar is also sharing beautiful places in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, showcasing the beauty and splendor of these picturesque places for tourism.

Follow Manar Al Shik’s journey, her growing brand, and her social activism as she continues to spread hope as a media ambassador.

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