Patrick Hall: a Writer In the Emerging World of Streaming

Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and Feature Film Screenwriting Services

September 13, 2022 – Patrick Hall helps bridge the gap between screenwriting and digital media for seasoned and aspiring clients in the entertainment industry. This is a writer who knows people–and which stories will capture whose attention. As streaming services like Netflix and Amazon evolve, more and more consumers are moving away from cable and into streaming.

For storytellers in the entertainment industry, this can shake things up. Patrick Hall is the Pro behind the keyboard writing, organizing and managing clients’ business-to-consumer-facing content. From documentary film writing to eCommerce funnel building, Hall is one partner producers and directors seek to streamline all content management.

Finding creative solutions in a digital world” is Patrick Hall’s mantra. Life now is about working smarter, not harder, and Hall leans into that by taking work off clients’ hands. Instead of playing phone tag with multiple marketing and content partners, why not just pair with Patrick Hall? He is probably the hottest Hollywood Script Doctor you’ve never heard of.

About Patrick Hall

Born and raised in Florida, Patrick Hall went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With a new understanding of people and emerging digital technology, Hall learned the nuances of social media management, marketing, screenwriting and entertainment industry best practices.

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