Minting Schedule for Collector Project C2E Announced… “Profitable NFT that Grows with the Artists”

The “Collector Project’ of the C2E model, making profits by possessing works, announced the 1st NFT Minting date and roadmap.

Image – (Collector Project C2E Announced… “Profitable NFT that Grows with the Artists”)

The Collector Project is a web 3.0 service conducted by Weart, the No. 1 art platform in Korea, where more than 100,000 people visit per month. It has introduced the method of compensating copyrights by linking NFT works with sales of the actual edition. 

The unique characteristic is that the participating collectors can own the NFT works, and also sponsor their beloved artists through NFT, earn copyright profits for their works, and even own the original.

The first artist of the collector project is Weart’s exclusive artist “Hori Naoko.” She has a master’s degree at Tama Art University in Japan and a master’s degree at Hongik University in Korea and has been active in Japan and Korea. She began to take a strong interest in Korean art after hearing Professor Lee Woo-hwan’s lecture at the Tama Art University.

The collector project will showcase works of exclusive artists sequentially, starting with NFT’s first minting in October, and various events and benefits are scheduled, including the recruitment of whitelists.

It also plans to introduce unique global ‘Art Contents’ through linking metaverse galleries, conducting offline exhibitions, and participating in international art fairs.

“We have established an environment where artists can be sponsored and transparently monetized through C2E,” said Moon Sang-won, head of the brand at the Collector Project. “It is an honor to be able to introduce Naoko Hori as the first artist of the Collector, and her NFT art is available at the Collector Dao.”

Information related to the project can be found on their website,

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