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Music is the ideal accompaniment to exercise, but people don’t want to just stick any old pair of earbuds in their ears before heading to the gym. There are 3 types of people who might find a couple of of TWS waterproof earbuds helpful. The first one is the swimmer who cannot get through one lap without blasting a playlist of four-on-the-floor dance anthems. The second one is the surfer who likes being imbued with the power of the beach boys. Last one, the active people who can really sweat it out on the treadmill or the bench and need a good pair of TWS waterproof earbuds for the grind.

Below people will find the best TWS waterproof earbuds that have tested and also it is in the excellent market.t is one of the few options on the market to extend the same waterproof level to its out design.

wholesale headphones· the model WEB-G003 TWS earbuds are IPX6 waterproof and with ANC function as well, The upgraded IPX6 water protection ensures the Bluetooth earbuds resistant to sweat, water, and rain, making it an ideal company while running, jogging, yoga, exercising, fitness, traveling, and other sports.

· in-ear earbuds provide Hi-Fi sound quality, and people can enjoy the balanced sound of bass and treble. With a built-in microphone, the Wellyp TWS earbuds create a clear and personal phone call experience even in a crowded place.

· Music time: up to 5 hours

· Latest Bluetooth 5.0 version

Waterproof Wireless TWS Earbuds WellypThe shower test provides a place to evaluate the waterproof level, comfort in a humid environment, and how environmental noise affects sound quality.WEB-G003 passed all three tests with excellent results

As the professional factory of TWS waterproof earbuds, Wellyp have tips on what to look for or pay attention to when people shop or wholesale for waterproof earbuds and include some good products Wellyp has tested. Get one and people will comfortably get through a wet, hot, or maybe just sweaty day.

· Pay attention to IP Ratings

Let us start from here: Waterproof is a flexible term, and water resistant is even more so. To be called either,a product has ostensibly been through standardized testing to determine what level of protection against liquid is, and the resulting score is called an ingress protection (or IP)rating.

· IP Rating tells people everything

First, let us briefly talk about some rather technical, albeit vital, audio specifications.TWS waterproof earbuds get IP ratings that indicate what kind of contact with water the hardware can handle. These are formatted as “IPXX”, and the second X is the most important one that people should pay attention to it tells people exactly how waterproof a pair of earbuds is on a scale from zero to eight. The closer to eight, the better for swimmers and sweaters.

· Waterproof V.S.Water-Resistant

Now let’s know more about the second X with some examples. A pair of IPX7 TWS waterproof earbuds can be submerged in up to one meter deep in water for 30 minutes, while a set of IPX8 TWS waterproof earbuds can go beyond a meter for longer. The earbuds manufacturer will usually clarify if people can put it into salt water or not. But, a pair of TWS waterproof earbuds rated IPX4, for example, is only resistant to splashes of water and sweat –no submersion. The first X rates how the earbuds protect against particles like sand and dust, on a scale from zero to six. (If an IP rating has an X instead of a number in it, like IPX4, that means it has not been officially tested for dust protection)

· Bluetooth V.S.MP3 Storage

While people know a pair of TWS earbuds are waterproofed to the extent their activity demands, consider whether people like them to feature internal MP3 storage for underwater stuff or wireless connectivity for above-ground activities. If people are a swimmer, people will need internal MP3 storage for listening to music under the surface. Bluetooth will not transmit in water, meaning people will not be able to hear their playlist from their smartphone. It’s old-school but effective.

· Bond Conduction

There is a third type of waterproof TWS earbuds that broadcast audio via an open-ear design through bone conduction, which literally means bblasting music through their skull. That’s cool! People set up them around their cheekbone, and the sound will vibrate along their bones to be picked up by their ear organs. It might seem scary, but it is actually rather neat for those who detest in-ear discomfort while underwater.

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