Car Accident Lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen Helps Accident Victims Recover Appropriate Compensation Through Expert Legal Counsel

Since 1990, Siegfried & Jensen has navigated complex personal injury laws on behalf of its clients. It has helped car accident victims receive the compensation that they deserve. Without the expert legal representation of the kind this law firm offers, an injury victim has little chance of being fairly compensated by the insurance companies.

According to announcements released by Siegfried & Jensen, the law firm has served Utah for more than thirty years and has recovered more than $1.2 billion for its clients. The car accident lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen represents car accident victims who have suffered avoidable and needless injuries due to the negligence of others.

The car accident attorney from Siegfried and Jensen has the skill, knowledge and drive to obtain fair compensation through negotiations. It saves the client time and places valuable funds in their pockets quickly. However, if the matter does go to court, the accident attorneys from this law firm aggressively represent a client’s interests.

Accident lawyers takes care of the legal aspects of a car accident. These include phone calls, paperwork, investigations, and negotiations with the insurance company. Siegfried & Jensen offers a free case review 24/7. The law firm recommends that the injured party accept medical treatment after a car accident, even if it feels that there are few or no injuries. Sometimes, injuries make their effects felt over time. 

An initial assessment can detect such injuries early and save you from greater expense and discomfort later. Moreover, the reports can be extremely useful in buttressing a personal injury claim.

Insurance companies know how to elicit answers from injured folks that can weaken or damage their case for remuneration. Siegfried & Jensen advises car accident injury victims to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible so that their case can be strengthened through evidence gathering, accident reconstruction, and other steps that this law firm takes to ensure justice for the client.

Siegfried & Jensen said, “Like every state, Utah has several laws and statutes that govern handling car accident claims. Even though you may not even be aware of these laws, insurance companies are. They can and do use their knowledge to pay those injured in car accidents less than they deserve.

Don’t let that happen to you. Regardless of who causes a car accident, your PIP coverage pays for medical and injury-related expenses. However, you can seek compensation from another responsible driver if you have specific injuries if the costs exceed certain limits, and in other circumstances. Consult Siegfried & Jensen to find out how we can assist you if you’ve been hurt in a car accident or a family member lost their life.

Your car accident lawyer from Siegfried & Jensen will tell you the legal options you have to recover damages. We will also help you file insurance claims and negotiate to get maximum compensation for you. You’ll need to file insurance claims within a few days of your auto accident. State laws allow specific timeframes if you need to file an additional personal injury or wrongful death claim. If you don’t file your suit within the allotted time, the courts will likely dismiss it, and you’ll lose the opportunity of receiving compensation.

About the Company:

For over three decades, Siegfried & Jensen has represented more than 35,000 clients and obtained more than a billion dollars in compensation for personal injury victims. It has a 97% success rate and works hard to hold the guilty accountable. The first call to this law firm is free.

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