David Krenkel: A Unique Business and Marketing Professional Exploits from A Small Town to Los Angeles


When talking about David Krenkel, he has had several fascinating moments in his professional career, to the extent that people can be inspired by when pursuing their individual goals. He was born in Sokolov, a small Czech Republic town where he lived most of his life. Eventually, he decided it was best to move to Prague as he got older, intending to further his career. David is most known for his abilities and love for the business world, which we will discuss later. First, let’s see what Mr. Krenkel enjoys doing outside of work.

He enjoys reading, playing hockey, learning about the stock market, and traveling in his free time. “Hockey has been a big part of my life since I was three. I found all my best friends through this amazing sport; it gave me a great support system. I have always been interested in what is happening worldwide, so I read daily news on the Wallstreet Journal, Economist, and Apple News. In recent years, my interest in the stock market has grown tremendously, and I am trying to educate myself about it every day. I believe that to become a wealthy person, one should start investing regularly from a young age. Regarding traveling, whenever possible, I try to explore different places, providing me with stress relief and boosting my mental health.” Through traveling and reading, he could learn five languages (Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, English, and German), giving him the advantage to succeed in international marketing.

With an opportunity to explore and decide which career path he wanted to pursue, David first realized his influence in the marketing and business world. ” From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be in business, especially marketing.” Mr. Krenkel noted during the last two years of high school; he wanted to pursue this path and grow a career out of it. He got accepted into Prague University of Economics Business and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2019. Even though it was a huge achievement, he stated, “It wasn’t enough for me to obtain an undergraduate degree. 

I still wanted to expand my knowledge and develop my professional career further”. With this statement, he then proceeded to investigate the opportunity to pursue a master’s program in international business and marketing at the Prague University of Economics and Business, considered the best university in the Czech Republic and ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

After Mr. Krenkel graduated, it was time to decide where he wanted to apply all his acquired knowledge and recognize what company was a better fit for what he was seeking. “I applied to several jobs, but the one that fit my goals and passions the most was Mars incorporated” Mars is a family-owned company that owns brands such as Skittles, Pedigree, M&M’s, and many more. He instantly knew when he attended a career fair that he would be a great fit and associated himself immediately with Mars’s five principles, which are crucial for the company’s vision.


Fast forwarding to 2021, he got offered a marketing job as an Integrated Business and Marketing Intern in the United States. David decided he wanted to explore further and gain experience in the United States workforce. He started working for American Permalight®, Inc in Torrance, California. American PERMALIGHT®, Inc. is an established business founded in 1988. The company’s key to glory is the egress path markings, which led many people to safety. This organization is, directly and indirectly, helping save people’s lives. Its products have been installed in the original World Trade Center and the International Space Center. 

Moreover, American PERMALIGHT®, Inc is a business shaker and revolutionizer of this industry, which is why the organization launched its Professional Offerings & Services with its PERMALIGHT® Certified Partnership Program. Through this program, American PERMALIGHT®, Inc is helping its partners within the life safety industry reach their potential and grow their business.

He had proven himself by his work ethic and expertise in the marketing field, becoming one of the valuable members of the leadership team after only five months of working at American PERMALIGHT®. He managed leadership tasks such as cross-training, coaching, and shadowing team members from the marketing team and the sales and administration departments. He has also been a part of the staffing process and assisted the company in choosing the best-suiting candidates through the interview process. He is also crucial for the company’s data collection and reporting at the leadership meetings, leading the team to effectively identify SMART goals and targets.

When talking about his area of expertise, David has an extensive marketing background, especially in brand extension and portfolio management. Extraordinary abilities helped him achieve all his professional and personal goals mentioned in this article. This includes the top-tier level of education, several marketing certifications from companies like Google, publications that add on current marketing knowledge, etc. David had obtained extensive analytics skills, especially in data collection, research, forecasting, and report analysis. These skills were vital for making the launch successful and profitable.

Let’s talk about this big launch in 2021, where he launched two new products under the worldwide brand “Orbit” while working for Mars Incorporated. Initially, his project started just as a review of the current mint’s portfolio, under only a temporary 3-month contract, but ended up landing an indefinite work contract. This project introduced Orbit mints Spearmint and Orbit mints Strong mint to the Central Europe market due to their outstanding performance in other European countries. Mr. Krenkel was able to work on this new brand extension from the start in 2019 to the finish in 2021. 

This launch was proven to be successful in driving the sales of Mars in the mints category and bringing revival to the long-term declining portfolio by increasing the firm’s venue to 4 million Euros. As a result of David’s successful performance, he gained management’s trust and proceeded to manage the worldwide candy brand Skittles in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary. He was selected to manage this responsibility because, according to management, he could solve problems not explicitly delivered to his desk. He could see what was in front of him and what was missing to achieve the brand’s vision.

In addition to his professional growth, he was also seeking personal growth. When asked by friends and family, Mr. Krenkel was often described as hard-working and intelligent, and the most repeated word was loyal/empathic. “I have always focused on my emotional intelligence growth; I believe it is crucial for someone in a power position in any field. I focused on traits such as empathy, self-awareness, understanding of body language, communication, and growth mindset” With a combination of hard and soft skills, David was able to achieve goals such as introducing one of the most exciting and new products to Europe.

“I just want to inspire people and ensure I get the idea across that everything is possible if you work hard on it because if you don’t do it, someone else will.” Also visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-krenkel/

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