Content at Scale launches the first-ever content automation platform built to scale content marketing.

Content at Scale, a platform that will change the game for content marketing, uses 3 AI engines and multiple natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms to pull this off.

Content at Scale has announced the launch of a game-changing SEO content automation platform built to scale content marketing. The platform, which takes AI to the next level, is purpose-built for blog content, allowing companies to scale their content production and traffic with ease.

“Instead of just being a layer on top of gpt-3 like most AI writing tools, this is a complex mix of 3 AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis that allows firms to insert a keyword they want to rank for and then click a button,” says Justin McGill, founder of Content at Scale.

Companies can upload a list of 100 keywords they want to rank for and, within a few minutes, have 100 blog posts, from title and meta description to introduction through conclusion. This is all written entirely naturally without any human intervention. 

“It’s the only solution of its kind, and other AI writer-type tools can’t touch it in terms of quality,” Justin added. “This may sound like a dream come true for companies’ content marketing, but Content at Scale serves as a revolutionary platform that takes AI a step further.”

Content at Scale offers long-form content, where the AI recommends words, headings, and media counts on what is already proven to rank for the target keyword. It is optimized for SEO, which means the AI will already include the target keyword in the content along with several related terms. 

The game-changing platform also features plagiarism scans since Content at Scale has direct integration with Copyscape, an online plagiarism detection service that checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web.  

Content at Scale showcases an AI that takes what is already working based on what ranks currently for users’ target keywords, then writes fresh content modeled off of that. It will even have natural-sounding content with personal stories and smooth transitions. 

Justin says soon, Content at Scale will include external links to relevant data sources, images, and a lot more.

This means users no longer need to worry if a writer has experience in their industry and no need to pass down their existing content knowledge to new writers. This also means no more trying AI content tools that lack quality or AI writing tools that take up too much time.

The quality output is so good that Google has actually rewarded sites using this content with higher rankings (not punishing them). In Justin’s estimation, it achieves a higher quality output than “80 to 90% of the writers” he has hired.

Content at Scale is an excellent choice for companies doing marketing and want to scale, as well as agencies looking for a better process and more profit. It is also a perfect choice for startups that raised funds and need to hit the ground running, as well as multi-site operators that want content for multiple sites.

Those ready to 10x their SEO content production may visit to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Content at Scale may follow its social channels for more information.

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