JDM Market Booms In AU And Membership Company 1320 Australia Has The Ticket To Join

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) is a term used to describe vehicles originating in Japan, many of which have a cult following across the globe. This market is booming with car models soaring in Australia, and enthusiasts can’t get in quick enough to grab their piece of the pie. With Nissan Skylines, Mazda RX-7’s and Toyota Supras (to name a few) speeding off the market and into their newgarage, new-owner-want-to-be’s are racing at the opportunity to find their dream JDM car today!

The JDM market has been gaining traction since the 90s and not only for their slick paint jobs, sleek curves and engine power. This car market has seen drastic increases in value due to their limited numbers and cult following; making it a growing popularity amongst car collectors and educated enthusiasts today. One of the greatest examples is the Nissan Skyline R-34 GTR, recently reaching a new world record sale price upwards of $700,000 AUD.

Helping Australians join this growing market, 1320 Australia owners, Dimitri and Emmanuel, have been in the JDM community for over a decade. During this time, they have seen car prices skyrocket, understand how quick JDM cars race off the market and how deep this community runs. 1320 Australia is an Automotive Rewards Club for everything in the JDM and car enthusiast community; offering exclusive benefits to their members which includes grand prize give-aways!

Both car enthusiasts have fond memories of building their Japanese cars when they first got on the road and of the connectedness they felt in the community. 1320 Australia want to strengthen this community within the Australian car scene and give everyday people the opportunity to win these modern classics.

This year, 1320 Australia is hosting a grand prize giveaway of the JDM classic Nissan 1989 180SX. A Japanese masterpiece and a major player in the market; shouting to a turbo charged, four-cylinder engine which has proven to be a popular base for car modification enthusiasts. All one needs to enter is to become a member of 1320 Australia and get their ticket into this booming JDM community today!

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