Agon is back with a new release: “Will Peace Remain a Mystery”.

Agon is a rap artist from Bratislava, Slovakia. He possesses a one-of-a-kind approach to hip-hop. In fact, it is safe to say that he has a very distinctive personality that’s quite different from what most people perceive when they think of rappers. Instead of relying on the usual formulas, he wants to use his music to inspire people and share a positive message with his audience. His most recent single, “Will Peace Remain a Mystery”, is an accurate example of this. This song relates to one of the biggest tragedies in our current times, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In this song, Agon does not take sides and does not point any fingers. Instead, he asks questions regarding whether we will learn from our history or will peace just remain a mystery. The song provides great insight as it offers a unique perspective on a topic that stretches beyond just Russia and Ukraine, but the entire world. The music has an intense vibe and a melodic flow that turned out to be a great combination for the contents of the song. Agon has a history of exploring deeper topics with his music and “Will Peace Remain a Mystery” is no exception; it demonstrates heartfelt considerations on the ugliness of war and violence.

Production-wise, this particular single is one of the most diverse and well-produced tracks to come out of AGON’s discography. “Will Peace Remain a Mystery” is a true milestone, which highlights the artist’s continuous commitment to creating music that goes beyond surface-level entertainment. Music can be an amazing way for people to get motivated, inspired, and able to overcome their darkest times and struggles in life. If you do enjoy the sounds of artists such as Eminem, Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Nas, and 2Pac, then you should most definitely check out this unique single from the highly talented, creative rapper.

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