Hyros Reviews – Experts Discuss Proven Ways To Increase AD ROI Through AI Ad Tracking

Making it easy for online businesses to understand their sales data and make profitable decisions

Hyros has introduced an AI Ad tracking tool designed to monitor customers’ activities on all traffic sources. The platform ensures that through smart Ad AI tools, businesses can follow up on customers’ interactions with their adverts from the moment they click on the ad. It allows advertisers to see all their traffic sources in one space, making it easier to maximize ad performance.

Hyros does more than just helping businesses target their customers like Google and Facebook. It uploads business tracking data, making it easier for ad platforms to find customers at a meager cost. The platform leverages AI methods to track sales calls, long sales funnels, upsells, down sells, recurring sales, and membership. It makes info marketing less complex, facilitating the effective tracking of info marketing funnels. 

“Hyros tracks your customer’s every move from their first ad click to… forever. This lets you see the long-term ROI on your ads weeks, months, and even years after the first ad click. Our customers consistently can attribute 30-40% more sales to their ads! Hyros has specific functionality to track your sales call and even track customers that convert on the phone,” said Alex Becker, Founder of Hyros.

The company understands that it is highly costly for digital marketers to miss a target and remain in the circle of guessing how their adverts perform. This is why it exists to eradicate “traffic source” confusion and missed sales and help businesses make decisions that will yield maximum profit. The Hyros Chrome App is easy to install and provides accurate ad tracking results.

With full faith in Hyros and its relevance, Frank Kern, said, “If you don’t use Hyros, you are not even woke. Buy Hyros.”

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