Former Amish Turned Philanthropreneur Shares Best Investment Approach To Benefit Every Investor

Nathan Garber is the Owner of

Leon Holding Company (LHC) is an exploding real estate development firm that specializes in the development of state-of-the-art mini-storage units and donating to community-focused charities. Through the use of data analytics and targeted market research, LHC identifies locations with high demand for storage facilities coupled with affordable real estate options and low construction costs. Once a viable location is identified, LHC purchases, develops and manages the mini-storage facility. As the facility becomes profitable, LHC positions to sell to a qualified buyer. For all of Nathan’s properties, they build on prime locations that appreciate over time only in low-cost high growth areas.

LHC was founded in 2021 in northwestern Montana by Nathan Garber to provide exceptional services and investments to investors and communities, lend a helping hand to its community and to build a solid source of income in the real estate industry and also through multiple investment channels. Serving real estate investors and entrepreneurs who understand that:

“Commercial real estate has dramatically changed in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic saw people leave offices and move to remote work, which has significantly impacted the entire industry. While those people adjusted their lifestyles, many trends began in the real estate industry alongside unfavorable market conditions that are tougher on families, which fueled the need to spend less and downsize more –making these times perfect for investing in self-storage units.” according to Digital Journal’s Nathan Garber Interview from August 31, 2022 

Here are some of Nathan Garber’s, owner of Leon Holding Company, tips for investing now:

1. Storage. Units are great for developers and investors because they are one of the lowest cost commercial facilities to build.

2. Cash. The current economy is awaiting a huge correction in all areas of real estate except storage, which has historically performed best in fluctuating markets.

3. Don’t hurry when you research.

Leon Holding Company’s insightful investment strategies are unparalleled. They leverage knowledge and experience coupled with a technology-driven strategy to almost always assure lower risk and higher gains. LHC wants everyone to access the best investment strategies. Get in touch with Leon Holding Company via or by emailing [email protected]

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