IV Drips Near Me Launches Country’s First IV Hydration Service Directory

IV Drips Near Me Launches Country's First IV Hydration Service Directory

IV drips near me helps you find the top IV hydration service providers in your area.
Innovative Phoenix-based company, IV Drips Near Me, announces the launch of their online IV hydration directory

The team at IV Drips Near Me led by health enthusiast, Adrian Martinez, has responded to the demand of people wanting to stay healthy and hydrated as the Phoenix-based company recently announced the launch of their online directory to help patients find the top IV hydration service providers in their area. The launch is in line with the company’s goal of helping people “get healthier one drip at time,” by providing access to listings of IV hydration service providers in their areas, ratings, reviews, contact information and even the ability to request an appointment with a provider directly through the IV Drips Near Me listings.

When I worked on the ambulance and in the emergency room I encountered many patients all hours of the day and night for things like being dehydrated after a day on the golf course or who had been working outside for hours in the heat and just wanted IV fluids to rehydrate and instead had to wait hours in the waiting room of a local emergency room,” says Adrian Martinez, a first responder and founder of IV Drips Near Me. “It not only was a long wait for patients who just needed simple hydration but also caused delays for patients who were experiencing real emergencies since a bed was being utilized for someone getting IV fluids and really didn’t require an ER visit. I knew there was many IV hydration businesses out there but finding the right one to get the job done was the problem. Not many of the services are 24 hours and if they are they may not service your area.”

Searching for IV hydration on Google and other search engines shows a few IV hydration services at the top of the results page which are paid advertising listings followed by other results which many times are not related at all to IV hydration services. Consequently, many people searching for IV hydration services call the only IV hydration service providers they can manage to find, which is where the recent launch by IV Drips Near Me is particularly laudable.

Just because a business shows up at the top of Google search results doesn’t mean they are the best in their field. I wanted to give people another option to find the best IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy service providers in their area at their fingertips that would allow them to not only find the information they are looking for but also to be able to make a more educated decision to choose the best service provider to get the care that they need,” says Martinez.

IV hydration is a growing industry that has been around for years.  Across the country you can find IV hydration lounges where you can relax in a comfortable environment and hydrate with other customers. Another option for IV hydration and growing more popular is IV hydration mobile services. IV hydration mobile services deliver high quality care to the comfort of the patient’s home, hotel or office, saving them the stress of traveling long hours to get the needed care.

IV hydration is really beneficial to your body. Not only does it hydrate you, which is essential to all of us, many times hydration alone can alleviate symptoms a patient may be experiencing,” says Dr. Glen McCracken, an Arizona board certified emergency medicine physician. “Many IV hydration service providers formulas are all formulated with safe and effective vitamins and minerals that can help boost your immune system and, in many instances, speed up recovery of variety of ailments,” says Dr. McCracken.

Contrary to the popular belief that eating helps with feeling weak, tired, or suffering from headaches, staying hydrated has been identified as the likely solution. “Once you are dehydrated the quickest and most beneficial solution for your body is IV hydration,” says Dr. McCracken.

The IV hydration therapy process is almost identical no matter which service provider you choose which includes a registered nurse, paramedic or other health care professional conducting a physical assessment to check vital signs and review allergies and medical history to determine if IV hydration is appropriate. An IV drip is then selected, or a custom formula is chosen to meet a patients needs and goals. The delivery of an IV fluid drip involves a small tube called a catheter and a saline-based electrolyte solution that contains the selected vitamins and minerals. The drip delivers these essential vitamins, minerals and fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract, ensuring the nutrition is instantly available to remedy the body’s health and wellness needs. The process is fast typically taking only 30-45 minutes.

IV Drips Near Me is expanding its list of registered service providers throughout the United States. IV Drips Near Me will also soon be adding additional features to the site including the ability to find special deals and discounts being offered by IV hydration service providers and job listings for IV hydration related careers. To find, compare and book an IV hydration service provider visit IV Drips Near Me online at www.IVDripsNearMe.com

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