‘The Devil’s Calling’ by Michael Kelley Debuts October 18 Already an Amazon Best Seller in Science Fiction & Fantasy

New York City, NY, USA – October 18, 2022 – Michael Kelley’s stunning new novel, The Devil’s Calling, examines and explores the intersections of science and spirituality in the form of an entertaining, literary adventure, makes its debut today.

Kelley asks the reader to imagine a world where technology allows for direct interface between the human brain and quantum computers. This interface exponentially increases the creative abilities of humanity holding the potential to make war, hunger, poverty, pandemics, and other human suffering obsolete. When human capability is so magnified, how does the human ego resist the temptation toward power and control? Can there be a balance between spirit and ego, between AI and human consciousness? And what happens if this ultimate technological power gets into the wrong hands – those who further seek to link minds directly through this quantum computer into an augmented hive-mind?

View the stunning book trailer here: https://bit.ly/TheDevilsCallingTrailer.

“Michael Kelley has delivered a mystical techno-thriller that examines the difficulty of living a peaceful and spiritual life side-by-side with technologies that can strip us of humanity and enable the forces of evil in the world. You’ll want to stop reading so you can catch your breath, but you won’t be able to. It’s that kind of page-turner.”
-Laura Manning Johnson, former CIA WMD analyst and DHS all threats and hazards planner, current adjunct professor at Georgetown University

“I have always loved literature and started writing in college,” shares Kelley, “but a lengthy career on Wall Street put my first love on hold. After leaving the financial world, I engaged in studies of quantum physics and the challenges of reconciling the infinitely big with the infinitely small, as well as Eastern mysticism and philosophy that led to me to a theory of everything. That search for an all-encompassing theory inspired the trilogy, serving as a metaphor for the journey of self-realization. In many ways, the story and the writing of the trilogy present the prospect of a second chance at life.”

“The Devil’s Calling is a brilliant and heart-pounding, epic saga of metaphysical science fiction. It’s a journey of self-realization and a cautionary tale for generations to come- the kind of book that hooks you from the start and never lets go until the final sentence of the final page. This sci-fi story pits human-based intelligence against automated thought.”
-John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press

It’s been nine years since Sean Byron McQueen and quantum physics professor Emily Edens-aka M-discovered his murdered best friend’s Theory of Everything. Now, Sean and M live a near-idyllic life on the campus of a college they’ve established for young women. M’s teaching of the new paradigm-shifting theory of constant creation has made her a rock-star scientist. On the eve of M’s European tour, Sean receives a disturbing holographic warning that M is in danger, sending him on a quest to protect, at all costs, his beloved partner. He remembers the events of nine years previously and believes that the hand of his nemesis, the Guru, is behind the threat to M. Sean presumes the Guru is also the mastermind behind Genesis, a super-intelligent Russian computer that will connect humans via a network of direct, brain-to-brain links. Genesis is seen as the next evolutionary step by the wired-in nation (WiN), a group determined to create a New Society. Are the Guru and WiN after M, who is determined to ensure the ethical rollout of the dangerous “hive-mind” technology, or are these threats merely the overactive imaginings of a besotted, overprotective writer? Will the dominoes fall in a way that will threaten not just M, but the very real spiritual potential of all humanity?

“I was inspired to write a trilogy that tracks the adventures and arc of the protagonist over a journey of self-realization,” says Kelley. “I quickly realized this labor of love would also serve as a catalyst to my own research and practices of meditation and yoga. If self-realization is real and obtainable in a lifetime or in the moment-how can that not be the primary focus of one’s life? By this, I suggest that we should embrace our duty and responsibility to move into a journey of self-discovery.”

“Many writers have a daunting task ahead of them to produce a sequel to a complex and involved first novel, especially one as intriguing as The Lost Theory. Michael Kelley has risen to the occasion with The Devil’s Calling-an equally compelling thriller that finds new and exciting ways to raise the stakes and push the development of established characters in different directions.”
-K. C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“This book is for readers who are looking to have fun and be challenged,” states Kelley. “It won’t be interesting if a reader wants cozy, formulaic genre fiction or a politically correct character who has no room to grow or learn from his experiences.”

With its sci-fi adventure flavor and emotionally resonant characters, The Devil’s Calling invites readers to explore ideas regarding telepathy, consciousness, self-realization, and the implications of emerging technology for humanity. Kelley skillfully wraps deep philosophical concepts in a thrilling, engaging journey of self-discovery-pitting spirit against ego-that will keep readers in its grip until the last page.

Now an Amazon best seller in Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing, The Devil’s Calling (hardcover) $25.95, ISBN: 978-1626349629, October 2022, Greenleaf Book Group Press, 476 pages, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble or https://michaelkelleyauthor.com.

About Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley, author of The Lost Theory and The Devil’s Calling, fell in love with literature and creative writing while at the University of Pennsylvania. He put this passion to the side during a lengthy career on Wall Street, where he worked as a lawyer, built an international business, and founded his own investment management firm. After leaving the financial world, he engaged in studies of quantum physics, Eastern mysticism, and philosophy. From these studies, he developed a “Theory of Everything” which became the basis of his novels.

After years of life in New York City, Michael now lives in the peaceful woods of Dutchess County with his wife and daughter. There, he enjoys meditation, yoga, wine, reading, and hiking, all of which inspire his writing.

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