Sardinia’s largest international airport Cagliari Airport is gaining praise for its world-class amenities

Sardinia’s largest international airport is Cagliari Airport which boasts all the modern facilities.

The largest international airport on the Italian island of Sardinia is Cagliari Airport, which receives about 4.3 million passengers annually from more than 30 locations globally.

The airport was built in 1937 but underwent an upgrade in 2003. It now has all the amenities one would expect from a modern airport, including restaurants, bars, shops, a bank, money exchange, ATMs, and an executive lounge that is open to all passengers regardless of ticket type and is paid-on-the-door basis.

There is only one terminal and two runways at Cagliari Airport. Several airlines, including British Airways, EasyJet, Luxair, and Air Berlin, offer frequent service there. Arrivals are located on the bottom floor of the airport’s three floors, while departures are located on the first floor.

The city of Cagliari, which can be reached in approximately 15 to 20 minutes and has several attractions, including museums, cathedrals, monuments, and one of the biggest and busiest beaches in Europe, is about 9 km from the airport.

There are no hotels at the airport itself, although there are plenty within walking distance of the terminal and plenty more in Cagliari itself.

At the airport in Cagliari, a first aid service runs out of the ground floor, not far from the parking lot’s north entrance. The service offers first care and transportation to a hospital if necessary and is available around the clock. On the first level, there is also a pharmacy in the shopping area.

With three short-stay parking lots situated at arrivals, departures, and the terminal, Cagliari Airport provides both short-term and long-term parking. Before choosing a parking lot, estimating the expected duration of stay is a good idea because all of them give a few minutes of free parking for drop-offs, and each has a varied rate. There is also a flat-rate parking lot nearby that charges €6 per day for parking and connects to the terminal via a multi-story parking structure.

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