Retrolife Brings Back the Nostalgia of the Classic Turntable

Retrolife Brings Back the Nostalgia of the Classic Turntable
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Retrolife, a player turntable company, aims to bring back the feel and nostalgia of the classic vinyl player. They have just released a new line of turntable products with rich features. The Retrolife vinyl players feature a USB function, a stereo FM radio, a Bluetooth connection, and more.

“We’re so proud to have been able to bring this classic vinyl player back to life,” said the Retrolife CEO. “Our new record player vinyl record models are varied and more affordable than ever before.”

Vinyl record players are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, partly because they allow users to listen to music as close as possible to how it was initially produced and released. Retrolife’s mission is to let people experience what it feels like to hold a record in their hands and flip it over for the B-side, just like decades ago. Vinyl is all about the experience. People don’t want to put their music onto CDs, and people want to put their music onto records.

“Listening to vinyl records brings me back to childhood memory,” says an audiophile. “It’s a very special feeling to touch your favorite album, put it on the player, and hear it play the crackle of the needle when it hits the groove makes me feel ten years old again.”

Retrolife has brought back the classic turntable by introducing its new turntable product line to the younger generation. The Retrolife product line not only brings back the classic retro design but also serves as players for digital music and vinyl records. Their goal is to bring back that classic feel of listening to music on a record player while allowing users to continue enjoying all the modern conveniences of digital music.

Retrolife’s new record player vinyl record features USB functionality and allows users to connect with the computer, smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. With this new technology, there are no more limited selections of songs on a vinyl record. People can import music that would fit perfectly into their vinyl player via USB ports. So instead of only being able to play some of the best songs from bygone eras, they can now listen to all their favorite songs from all different periods, whether through a turntable or from a CD, or even an online streaming service like Spotify or Pandora.

“Retrolife player turntable is a simple, elegant and affordable way to enjoy vinyl music in high quality sound. It connects wirelessly to your various home audio devices, home stereo systems or even your smartphone or tablet. It also includes an optional Bluetooth feature that allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth device to your speaker system.” Said a happy customer.

Retrolife’s products are available directly from its factory in Guangzhou, China. To find out where you can purchase the latest vinyl player or one of Retrolife’s other record players, visit

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