The Data of VGPPEX: Creating a Top Ecological Environment for the Circulation and Transaction of Web3.0 Digital Assets

The Data of VGPPEX: Creating a Top Ecological Environment for the Circulation and Transaction of Web3.0 Digital Assets

With the upsurge of meta universe and NFT, Web 3.0 is not far away. As the greatest possibility of the existence of the next generation Internet, Web 3.0 has built a complete model concept. The construction and development of Web3.0 has attracted much attention. VGPPEX was born in the era of historical change in the digital world from Web2.0 to Web3.0. The information Internet has gradually evolved into the value Internet. Web3.0 allows everyone’s network to derive digital assets. A pan financial era has arrived.

The circulation and transaction of digital assets are becoming as common as information exchange, and VGPPEX provides such a space in which every user in the world can freely trade digital assets. With the continuous enrichment of transaction forms, the business systems covered by VGPPEX include value-added activity system, quantitative fund product matrix, high-frequency option trading, spot trading, contract trading, leverage trading, DEX, token financing, decentralized lending, etc. At present, VGPPEX has held the licenses of fincen msb in the United States, fintrac msb in Canada and other countries, and has won tens of millions of users in major countries around the world. In addition, VGPPEX has also received strong support from the international first-line capital represented by GRAYSXALE, as well as important support from many partners in the field of global digital assets.

In terms of ecological integration and functional services, VGPPEX has taken on a grand view. Transactions, loans, mining pools, cloud computing power, wallets, VGPPEX Labs, VGPPEX Ventures and other versions go hand in hand to aggregate global high-quality assets and business formats, providing users with more secure and convenient one-stop services, and laying a solid foundation for building a world-class Web3.0 platform for digital asset transactions. In addition, as the leader with the most potential for growth in the industry, VGPPEX has relied on international resource advantages since the beginning. VGPPEX DAO adopts distributed office, with its employees are distributed in more than 50 countries and regions, constantly promoting communication between the platform and countries around the world, and expanding business development.

In the process of building globalization and international development, VGPPEX always adheres to such important behaviors and concepts as innovative development, user first, safety and compliance. The person in charge of VGPPEX said: “Jointly building blockchain security is a very important point for VGPPEX. We are committed to strengthening project risk control management, reducing risks for users and actively building a healthy ecological market environment while ensuring our own business progress.”

VGPPEX has strict control over code and nodes. The decentralized VGPPEX blockchain runs open source code and can be audited by third parties and the public. VGPPEX public chain has three built-in blockchains: exchange chain (X-Chain), platform chain (P-Chain) and contract chain (C-Chain). All 3 blockchains are verified and protected by the main network. It adopts the GPoS consensus mechanism and operates through repeated secondary sampling voting, which also avoids problems such as excessive network control power and abuse of power of a single verification node.

While improving the infrastructure and third-party cooperation, VGPPEX invested a large amount of money in the construction of the security protection system. The underlying system of VGPPEX and its running algorithm are very safe. The tracking record shows that the blockchain itself has no known vulnerabilities or defects that will be attacked. The motivated security team and the regular strict testing of each security element of VGPPEX ensure that even the smallest problems can be solved immediately. In addition to security guarantee, VGPPEX is also brave in innovation, and can constantly self innovate from the perspective of user needs to explore new fields and sectors.

At present, VGPPEX has cooperated with the top security companies in the industry, such as PeckShield, a blockchain security company, to formally reach an in-depth partnership in security audit, emergency response, data analysis, threat monitoring, etc. For the comprehensive ecological security monitoring of VGPPEX community, the two sides will actively cooperate in many aspects, such as situation awareness, monitoring and early warning, emergency response, aggregation analysis, community security linkage and response.

In the future, VGPPEX will join hands with industrial chain partners to provide strong support for the development of digital industry economy, welcoming the future of digital economy, and striving to create a new ecological environment of global digital economy.

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