The Bruner Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys Obtains Fair Compensation for Victims of Accident Due to Others’ Neglect

The Bruner Law Firm has three decades of experience protecting the plaintiff’s rights in personal injury cases. The law firm’s practice areas include car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, etc. It has the skill and drive to negotiate with insurers and litigate where necessary.

According to announcements released by The Bruner Law Firm, personal injury victims in Florida’s Emerald Coast who seek fair and just compensation have come to rely upon this law firm’s acumen and drive to help them. The Bruner Law Firm personal injury attorneys have helped clients receive millions of dollars in settlements for injuries in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries, dog bites, etc. 

On being hired, the Bruner Law Firm explains the insurance claims process to clients to apprise them of their rights and the steps they must take to strengthen their case for a full claim settlement. The Bruner Law Firm personal injury attorneys file a claim with the negligent party’s insurer. It investigates the matter for evidence, testimonies, and medical advice to ascertain liability and assess the extent of injuries and the accompanying costs. 

The Bruner Law Firm Injury lawyers in Panama recommends that clients consult a good law firm to assess their chances of succeeding with a fair claim settlement, even for minor injuries. This law firm understands the value of acting fast to present a strong case so that the insurers cannot pressure the client into accepting a low settlement amount. It believes that no innocent should bear the stress of medical costs related to personal injuries. The expenses associated with such injuries include medical bills, physiotherapy costs, loss of ability, loss of consortium, and loss of wages. 

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The Bruner Law Firm said, “When many people speak to insurance adjusters in the aftermath of an accident, the injured party often uses apologetic language. Even if you believe at that moment that the accident was your fault, you should wait for the police report and your personal injury lawyer’s evaluation of the accident before you say anything about how much you might or might not be at fault.

Many people use the word “sorry” in a customary fashion. Remove this word from your vocabulary when speaking to an insurance adjuster. If you say you’re sorry, they could try to use your words as an admission of guilt so that they can try to diminish or eliminate the value of your claim.

During the conversation, the insurance adjuster will probably ask you to tell your version of the events that occurred. You can give the adjuster basic information, such as your name and contact details. But if they ask for further details, tell them you will have your attorney provide them with the information they want. Avoid answering any questions of this nature before you speak to an attorney.

Suppose you answer questions you don’t know the answer to and change your story after learning more facts about the accident. In that case, the insurance adjuster might use this information as evidence that you are fabricating your claim.”

About the Firm:

The Bruner Law Firm Panama is better placed than most personal injury law firms to win personal injury lawsuits because it understands how insurance companies and corporations approach these cases. The law firm has ample trial experience to give clients the best chance of a favorable outcome.

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