Magic In A Tub, A Thrilling And Adventurous Journey For Children

Palm Bay, Florida – This press release is aimed at letting you understand Magic In A Tub. As it is a book filled with fantasy, adventure, thrills, and twists. It lets children explore their world of fantasy, giving them the thrills they need and bringing to light fun imaginations in their minds.

The author gives children the chance to explore in this book, helping their little minds stretch as far and wide as possible. In the light of keeping them informed, he has made a room for them also to have fun and entertain themselves.

This book is informative and simple to understand for children. As it helps your children to improve their sounds, words, and language. Every child needs a book that would help them learn the process of focus and concentration.

This book is fun and easy to understand for children as it helps your child understand better the world fun and put it to better use.  Every child needs a book that would help them learn the process of focus and confidence.

Magic in a tub will help develop your children’s social and communication skills. That makes them stand out in their thoughts.

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When Christopher was asked about his drive behind writing this book, he wrote, “I have been writing ever since I was a teenager. I was one of those kids in the special E.D program because I had an L.D in English and Mathematics. I was told all my childhood by my father that I would not matter much. My parents got a divorce at that time in my life, and that didn’t help. Years later, I met my wife (Patricia Ann Massey- Patty) at a Bon Jovi concert. We have been married for 32 years and have four kids, a grandchild, and another grandchild on the way. I have many other books out there that I have made and written but never had the push to get them out there. My wife gave me a push, and I started with Magic In A Tub.”

He wrote this book to give confidence and hope to every child undergoing school stress and anxiety.

This book has been a means for children to have fun even in the process of reviving their confidence, happiness, and comfort.

It allows children to understand the essence of family and why they should never abandon their loved ones.

We would see that in a part of Magic in a Tub that says, “When you have a really good friend, keep them close. There are only a few things in life that are worth holding onto, and family and friends are right at the top!” She looked a little thought for a moment, and Alayna wondered if she was thinking about their Mom Pat because she seemed to look a little sad, and Alayna had heard her grandma mention that they should come and visit more often a few times before. Her Mom always seemed to get frustrated when her mother brought this up.

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Christopher Leigh Dodson is a fantasy fiction author, a husband, and a father to 4 children. Christopher has been married for 32 years to his wife, Patricia Ann Dodson. He has been writing for many years and has finally gotten the courage to put one of his books out there. Magic in a Tub was thought up around 2007. He saw images inside the tub after pulling up the bathroom mat. Always look into the clouds and see the beautiful things you can find.

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