Teaching Kids How to Appreciate Introverts and Extroverts

Every parent wants their little ones to be happy and healthy. They want their children to be accepted, supported, and to make friends that treat them well. For extroverted children, that may come easily. For children that are more introverted, it may be more of a task. The book, “I’m an Introvert!”, “I’m an Extrovert!”, And Both are OK is a book designed to help teach kids about both ways of interacting and assist in accepting kids despite their social preference.

Dr Brad Koffstein is a clinical psychologist that has assisted children and adults of various ages to address psychological issues like mental health, relational, personality and human performance subjects. Amid all these issues, he has acknowledged that manifesting different social living styles and social energy have been a major problem among children and adults which needs to be addressed professionally. We must understand that everyone exists somewhere on the introvert/extrovert continuum. Still, these personality styles don’t always blend well together, and it’s completely fine to face a bit of difficulty in mixing well with different social styles.

These differing social styles can counter-act when interacting with each other without even realizing how it’s happening. Instead, we overthink minor issues and start taking things personally or develop negative thoughts for others if they don’t match our social style. To overcome these psychological perspectives, Dr Koffstein assists kids and adults via therapeutic ways to understand the different energy styles of extroverts and introverts. Additionally, he assists people of all ages to embrace their interpersonal styles and understand those that are unlike their own, in order to help people build friendly connections despite differences in their social preferences.

So, if you have been searching for a book to help your child understand the differences between being an extrovert and an introvert to help them learn how to interact with other kids, and to guide them to develop skills of working through interactional differences, then “I’m an Introvert!”, “I’m an Extrovert!”, And Both Are OK, by Dr Brad Koffstein, is one for your child. 

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